For Laplanche (1967), ‘ ‘ The assignment? object relation? one meets 0ccasionally in the penalty of Freud; although he is incorrect to say, as already it had who said, that it ignores it to Freud, we can garantidamente affirm that it is not part of its device conceitual’ ‘. The reasons for which Freud neglected the object are, had in part the preconceptions of personal order. Freud did not like the clinic very and of it practises psicanaltica. Well, the theory of the relations you object is forged in practises psicanaltica and on the analysis of the transference. (GREEN, 1999).

‘ ‘ organization borderline of personalidade’ ‘ it includes one I number greater of patients who the category of personality riot borderline of the DSM lll-R and has covered a level of character pathology that includes most of the cases of infantile or histrinica and narcisista personality, practically? how if? , hipomanaca and all the antisocial personalities. Kernenberg is based on three structural criteria for its diagnosiss of ‘ ‘ organization borderline of the personality: diffusion of the personality, level of defensive operations and capacity of test of the reality. It points that borderline also reveals with characteristics would second, such as weakness of the ego (lack of control of the impulse, lack of tolerance the frustration the anxiety and lack of subliming canals developed), in the pathology of superego (moral systems of immature values, requirements internal contradictory or, even though, antisocial characteristics) and in the relations objects chaotic chronicles and, that are a direct consequence of diffusion of identity and the predominance of primitive defensive operations. (KERNBERG, 1989). For Jacques Lacan, the structures are three neurotic, psychotic and perverse, all they tied the castration. In the neurosis, the castration this related as it stresses; in the psychosis, with forculao; in the perversion, with the refusal.