Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Moral Senswe

It is the only one that makes us honest, why is the center of all true education; an education that does not promote the spiritual intelligence is a simulation, a work on the surface, which will not achieve significant changes. It is important to discover which is the true concept of intelligence, above all when this term compared to emotional intelligence. This has been a term used by our own structure mechanistic, where we can find this term very closed, with lack of meaning, you’re intelligent, if you know much math; Here are not taken into account, an infinite number of factors that contribute to power medium define what is intelligence, can also talk about multiple intelligences, etc. But the spiritual intelligence is the oldest and the newest at the same time, besides that it is the higher intelligence because it is the most comprehensive. For more information see this site: New York Museums. Spiritual intelligence is more necessary nowadays, why?, because it comes to the problem of fundamental and gravest of human beings at this time, what is the problem?, hedonism and nihilism.

These two philosophies of life have colonized the conscience of human beings leading to suffering, confusion, moral collapse and the loss of meaning to live. Hedonism is the addiction to the pleasure of the senses as a central criterion of existence. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Harold Ford Jr. To say, reaches the pleasure to through the ego. Nihilism (moral relativism), is a philosophy that proclaims that nothing is good or bad in itself, everything is relative and culturally dependent on how defines it the subject. We would have to carry out a great discussion to determine whether the spiritual intelligence is necessary in our present, and why. Without thinking about it, many would say yes, because with it we can eliminate our schema two phenomena that have accompanied us on our existence: hedonism and nihilism, the first as already mentioned refers to the pleasure of the senses (hedonism) and is put to pleasure as a philosophy of life (modus vivendus), the second (nihilism) defined as a moral relativism (nothing is good or badeverything is relative and culturally dependent on how define you the subject of the community in question).


Empathy highlights five emotional attitudes: understanding others: perceiving the feelings and outside perspectives and interest po their concerns. Help others to develop: to realize the possibilities of development of others, strengthen their skills and stimulate their capacity. Service orientation: anticipate, recognize and satisfy needs of others. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Danny Meyer. Leverage diversity: develop opportunities through diverse people. Political awareness: interpret the social, political and emotional currents of the Group and the power of relationships among its members.

Social skills: set of behaviours, make clear in relations with other beings to induce desired responses. They comprise eight emotional capabilities: influence: devise effective tactics of persuasion. Communication: Practicing a good listen and develop compelling messages. Conflict management: know how to negotiate and resolve disagreements that arise within a group. Leadership: Ability to inspire and guide individuals or groups.

Catalyst for change: start or handle new situations. Links: feed and strengthen the interpersonal relationships. Collaboration and cooperation: work with others to achieve shared goals. Computer skills: being able to create synergy for the persuasion of collective goals. The importance of emotional intelligence in organizations is that it provides important tools so that the individual can function in a competitive world, changing, demanding and globalized. Individuals faster and high to ascend in their careers professionals are those who have a greater emotional intelligence coefficient, since emotions determine the level of performance that we are able in a State of balance or emotional imbalance, as well as determine what kind of relations will keep with our subordinates (leadership), our superiors (adaptability) or our peers (teamwork). Emotions determine how we respond, we communicate, we behave and operate at work or the company.

Karl Vossler

In addition, the ethnological studies of century XX reaffirmed this relation between language and man, by means of empirical confirmation of the relation that exists between the language and the culture or society; the call hypothesis of Sapir-Whorf established that the real world of each is modeled, always, of unconscious form by the linguistic habits of the group to that it belongs, that is to say, that the language forms our experience of the world. So that the language became, in the first decades of century XX, in one of the fundamental subjects of study of the philosophy, when attributing him the shaping capacity than is the human being or when considering it as the form in which it express the knowledge. In summary, the philosophy of the language considers three fundamental basic realities: the speakers, the language and the world. Its final mission is to clarify the relations that among them settle down. Danny Meyer has many thoughts on the issue. Language and culture Between language and culture a relation of reciprocal interchange occurs.

On the one hand the language is a cultural product, that reflects a culture partly, but, on the other hand, the language is condition of the culture and contributes to create it. The language is a form of the culture, perhaps most universal of all and, anyway, first that distinguishes immediate and net to the man of the other beings. The connection between language and culture was accentuated especially in the scope of the German idealismo. The language, according to Hegel, is " the present time of cultura". The Humboldts and, later Karl Vossler emphasized that the linguistic activity represents to objetivar itself of the subject that, when acting by itself, gives form to the cosmos, and after to have acted, contemplates its product like something different from itself, ready to mold itself in new expressive acts. The language is considered like a creation, art realised by a free spirit.

Wooden Beds

Are you looking for a natural feel to sleep at night or when you are sleeping a NAP? Are you thinking of placing a bed in a new room, or decorate your bedroom and install furniture classics? If that is the case, a wooden bed is the ideal choice for you. Wooden beds generate a very natural feel. They are the ideal complement for rooms in which your items and furniture are made of wood also. They look good with decorations soft or hard, especially if the decoration follow a natural topic. Without hesitation Harold Ford Jr explained all about the problem. You can help give you a classic or traditional style to a room, at the same time that offers a somewhat sophisticated and modern touch.

Any other type of bedding can be compared with the wood. By the same author: Rudy Giuliani. They have many advantages and no disadvantage. A bed is a big piece of furniture used to sleep, relax, take a NAP or even to make love. Basically, it is the ideal piece of furniture at the time of taking a relaxing. In this world in which we work until tiredness, is important to have a comfortable rest area to use at the end of the working days. In the majority of families around the world, is the most important furniture of the House. The bedrooms seem naked If there is a bed in them.

Regardless of the amount of existing in a room decor and furniture, the presence of a bed immediately offers you comfort to it. In this contemporary era, almost all the families of the world used beds. Even those sophisticated people of city as the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese are considering using wooden beds in their bedroom. As we all know, they sleep simply on a wood floor and the rooms do not have beds. While tradition forbids them the use of beds, they do not consider that it is a great sin to break this tradition.

Change Recommendations

The vans for changes can be an authentic problem by their cost if we did not evaluate well what service is offering us really the rent company. These are both habitual ways of hiring of vans for changes: Vans for changes with conductor To rent vans for changes with conductor can be a cheap option and, without a doubt the best one, for small transfers in which there are many furniture or no objects that to move. Usually it is chosen by unmarried, students or young people, since in the majority of the cases they realise changes within a same city. Anyway, you do not forget that the majority of the rent companies also realises national bearings. The drivers of the vans for changes are the ones in charge of the conduction and prestarte certain aid but, taken care of! , they are not a load young man. If you are interesado/a in that service you will have to specify it and always he will have a cost aside. The rents of vans for changes with conductor are accustomed to merit about 40 per hour and always you they will receive a minimum of two hours, to which you must add the kilometers if you realise provincial and national displacements.

Evidently, the size of the van also influences in the price, being three modalities: small, median (15 m3s) or great (20 m3s). Vans for changes without conductor Another good possibility is to rent the van for changes nothing else and, no additional service. Rudy Giulianis opinions are not widely known. Here you will have ocuparte you yourself of the transfer, the packing and the driving of the vehicle, but the solution is well-known more sale. The price of the vans for changes without conductor depends on each company of rent, but approximately they come to cost about 40 daily. To this number it is necessary to add the gasoline to him consumed in the transfer, since the deposit you will give plenty and has to give back it to it equal. In addition, the company of rent of the vans for changes will request a guarantee to you of about 200 that will be given back you give the car to you once in perfect conditions, with its gasoline and under condicones that has been stipulated in the rent contract. In order to contract this service of vans for changes, it is necessary to satisfy requirements minimum: The conductor must be greater of 23 years and to have the driver’s license for more of a year.

Spaniards Marcel Granollers

EFE the Serbian won in the O2 Arena in London by 7-6 (6), 7-5. Once again showed their mental strength by winning in two sets in which started losing and returns to Crown with a title that has already won in 2008. Closing the year for second consecutive year as the world number one. The Spaniards Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez, champions in doubles. Speaking candidly Danny Meyer told us the story. Serbian Novak Djokovic has won his second Masters Cup on Monday before the Swiss Roger Federer, whom he defeated in the O2 Arena in London by 7-6 (6) and 7-5 in two hours and 14 minutes. Djokovic, who showed once again their mental strength by winning in two sets in which started losing, again is crowned with a title that has already won in 2008, and deprives Federer extend his record six Masters, more than any other tennis player in history. The Belgrade, which closes the year for second consecutive year as the world number one, and Federer, who had been the first ranking at end of season on six occasions, know perfectly well: had disputed until today 28 games, 16 of which the Swiss had taken them. Helvetico, moreover, came with winning inertia to its eighth final of the Masters (the Argentine David Nalbandian had already won you in 2005), given that this summer was imposed in their two latest appointments, in the semifinal of the Olympic Games and in the final Masters 1000 of Cincinatti, after planting a 6-0 to Serbian in the first set. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rudy Giuliani. So things, Federer opened the match with confidence and broke at the first opportunity the service of Djokovic, who has started with doubts in the majority of encounters in this Masters Cup, although he has also demonstrated its ability to overcome difficult moments. After ten minutes of play, champion this year at Wimbledon and Olympic silver medal had risen a resounding 3-0 to the marker from the crowded Pavilion O2 Arena, with a capacity for 15,000 spectators.

Standard Solution With Quick Start Warranty Convinced BABOR By BI With STAS CONTROL

After an intensive selection process, BABOR opts for the use of STAS CONTROL. The quick start guarantee of the turnkey BI solution convinced IT like conducting business. BABOR is synonymous with exclusive cosmetic and wellness products, as well as professional treatment systems worldwide. BABOR is represented worldwide in over 50 countries through subsidiaries, partners and a franchise system. In Germany alone, 250 employees for BABOR and its customers are active. We had long dealt with the selection of a BI solution, the result was however quite unsatisfactory,”says Gerd Franken, head of organization and IT by BABOR.

While there are a variety of tools, using was, but always linked to a high number not just low-cost consultant-days. Only at STAS CONTROL, which was recommended to us by our IT partner, VEDA, that was not the case. Is the standard solution with quick start warranty by STAS for a medium-sized company a really attractive offer.” Francs had received the default on the part of the management of Babor to select a solution that ensures more transparency and a better quality of information for financial and personnel management, to increase the success of the globally active company by code-based management systematically. Also, the implementation effort in establishing should not unnecessarily burden the financial possibilities of the medium-sized company. Aimed at it, quick way to introduce a safe and effective solution for reporting, analysis and planning, which is also in the position to cover possible future requirements of management.

STAS CONTROL human is already matched resources and finance & accounting on the enterprise software for the areas of VEDA, was quickly apparent that it covers the requirements of BABOR thanks to preconfigured data warehouse, OLAP cubes and reports to a large extent already ready. In addition are STAS CONTROL also for sales, production, logistics and purchasing predefined solution components available, so it already goes beyond at BABOR in the first phase of the introduction of the originally defined goals. With STAS CONTROL, we provide our entire sales controlling a new base already from August. Our direct sales to 2,500 cosmetics institutes in Germany and the indirect sales through our subsidiaries and distributors was not more demand a really efficient sales controlling an MIS system in the years come. In the future we have a management tool that enables all stakeholders to deal consistently with the numbers, identify weaknesses and take appropriate action in the way”, says Gerd Franken. In addition, he provides many more benefits through the use of STAS CONTROL. The business division at BABOR, the date for the creation of reports based on MS Excel was in charge, is relieved. In the area of production, he expects that significant improvements in productivity can be achieved as a result of increased transparency. Contact: STAS GmbH Carl-Bosch-Strasse 12 68799 Reilingen Jens Arnold Tel: + 49 6205 306-123 fax: + 49 6205 306-200 E-Mail: Web:

Adriano Gonzalez Leon

The name of Revelation must not only be related to an instant determined within the zulian literature, but they should see it as an expression of a very intense moment within the Venezuelan letters. So intense that the national literature not returned to be the same, especially in the wonderful world of poetry. The Decade of the 50s they are decisive for what would then woven into the art of words. A decade is closely related to the true feelings of the surrealist avant-garde and its libertarian meaning. More info: Rudy Giuliani. A meaning that they could not handle or assess the members of Friday, but that if explotarian the young poets who will take the floor in the middle of the 20th century. Brave poets who take as a starting point your experiences abroad, particularly in Santiago de Chile where come into contact with a universe of images which, United to their previous readings of European surrealists and futurists, forge a symbolic bridge towards other worlds trapped inside themselves.

Contact with Mandragora founded in 1939, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, Rosamel del Valle, Pablo de Rokha and Vicente Huidobro’s citizen of the oblivion, will make possible that surrealism enters the country with vigour and awareness needed to finally open the floodgates of national poetic modernity. Among these young people are Adriano Gonzalez Leon, Juan Sanchez Pelaez, Salvador Garmendia and Hesnor Rivera. All of them tried to form a literary grouping whose name would be Equinox in Caracas. Adriano Gonzalez Leon and Hesnor Rivera sat down to define a manifesto with which break into the Venezuelan letters. However, they do not raced with good luck. Various reasons forced these young people take different directions.

Hesnor Rivera returns to Maracaibo and in 1955 founded Apocalypse. There is a fact meaning that definitely hurries the founding of the group. Invite the poet of Silvia to give a recital at the home of a privileged family in the city.

Separation Life

A story of separation or divorce often prove devastating for the children of a couple, especially when they are young. From the same feat a period of uncertainty and doubt that in many cases the parents might not have too clear how to react, or what might be the best approach to follow. It may sound topical, but what is essential during this whole process is to transmit to children who have not had any guilt or responsibility in the breakup of their parents. In any case, they should know that both are still by his side and his love towards them will not change despite the same. In a situation like this, parents have to consider that it will take some time to his sons accept these new conditions that his life will be held. And in any case would be made to ensure that changes to these were the least possible, and should for example avoid as far as possible that they had to change school or even city. The different reaction of the children before the news not all children they react similarly to a news of these features. While some are immersed in a sea of doubts, others could try to act as if nothing had happened, denying themselves the new circumstances that will run your life; and there may even be cases of rebellion, with some specific manifestations of aggressiveness.

However, the most common reaction among children often pass through a stage of considerable sadness and dejection, which makes that they become shy and withdrawn face to others. It’s a perfectly normal thing. In any case, the parents through their actions can minimize all these manifestations in children. It is, in short, minimize impact for these, so that they can perceive how even though papa and mama already they are not together, your life does not have to be too different from how it came to be. To do so, which both can develop a trust and cooperation will be vital. In this sense, if the break is He had been on friendly terms, the former couple could meditate choose by common agreement a joint custody arrangement. This would allow them an identical involvement in the life of the common children, which could give them the feeling that even though they are not together, both dad and MOM are always available for them. On the other hand, if small does not succeed in overcoming the consequences of the separation or divorce, parents should consider seriously the possibility of conducting meetings of psychologist or child therapist. With their knowledge and expertise in this type of situations so frequent in practice, they might pose a great help in the face of total recovery of small.

Dieter Hallervorden

The ice show “Tropicana” takes you on a journey through America a different airtime, another send name but still with many interesting guests of talk and interview partners on air: the moderators of Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz. The current radio show will be Christian stark (singer with passion) and Frank Schobel (singer with cult status) to guest. In addition, Word will be stars and starlets, the before the gala premiere of the holiday on ice show “Tropicana” in Berlin on the red carpet presented. Holiday on ice: it was a glamorous gala premiere, which took place in the Berlin Tempodrom early March. Thunderous applause accompanied the new successful holiday on ice show “Tropicana”, which arrived in the capital as well. Until the end of March, the show will be to see which will close on the 27.03.2011 in Kiel.

“Tropicana, the ice show with the best hits of Barry Manilow, takes you on a journey through America, from the bustling streets of New York and at the Caribbean beaches. The special design of the stage- an oversized LED wall from 25,000 lights – let the world-class figure skater in over 350 costumes opulent shine.” ( too many familiar faces from politics, show business and sports came to the Tropicana-premiere: among other actors, cabaret artist and theatre director Dieter Hallervorden, actress Barbara Schone, RTL-American Idol participant Fady Maalouf, actor Gunther Kaufmann with son Dave Kaufmann and Thomas Rupprath, one of the most successful German swimmers. Mambo King Lou Bega was on the skids and musically enthusiastic about 2,500 spectators. Frank Schobel: he took his fame from the GDR in the whole Germany and is continuously successful for more than forty years and the generational. His DEFA films “Hot summer nights”, “Don’t cheat, favorite!” and his song “Gold in your eyes”, “like a star”, “come on, we paint a Sun” and “I’m going go from the North Pole to the South Pole” have achieved cult status. Christine Stark: “she wants with her voice and” bring their temperament”new accents and melodies in the Schlager scene so she announced it in the original tone.

She won a pop casting in January 2010 and promptly got a management contract. The singles “I am strong” and “High-flyers” appeared subsequently.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Theodore Simon

If we know what we are better prepared, have fewer difficulties in the struggle for life. We would be happier and more productive making each one what better knows or can do. The common denominator to distinguish for what is good, is intelligence. For even more opinions, read materials from New York Museums. Intelligence tests are the key to determine the vocational and intellectual aptitude of persons. Alfred Binet with Theodore Simon developed the test to measure the intelligence of retarded children, based on the observations that as children grow and become older, it also increases your mental capacity and some may have superior performance to their grade level and chronological age while others do not. In their studies, a six year old boy could surrender as well as one of eight, while another six could pay as little as one of four. In 1911 was introduced the concept of mental age (MA) as opposed to chronological age (EC). It’s believed that New York Museums sees a great future in this idea. Child from 6 years which surrendered as well as 8, you were assigned a mental age of 8, while that of 6 that surrendered just as the aged 4, was assigned a mental age of 4. Frequently shimmie horn has said that publicly.

Although the distance between mental age and chronological enlarges as the child matures, the difference between both ages is kept constant. This constant is named it the intellectual quotient (CI). Scientifically, the CI is defined as 100 times the Mental age divided about the chronological age. (CI = 100 MS/EC) At age 16, mental age as well as the height, cease to increase. The average IQ is by definition 100. For under 120 CI, IQ is the best indicator to future of the socio-economic status of the people. The CI is better than the education or experience to predict on-the-job performance. Adults in the lowest 5% of the CI (less than 75) are very difficult to train and are not competent to any work on the basis of their ability.

Caves Of Granada A Universe Underground

The Spanish province of Granada is famous for its Sierra Nevada, its Arabic legacy and his immortal poet, Federico Garcia Lorca. Tasty tapas and flamenco of very high level tend to be other compelling reasons when deciding the tourist bookings in the area. But there is also a whole universe of underground to discover through the fascinating caves that they run through its underground in Granada. Continue to learn more with: New York Museums. Techology including the cave of el Pinar Windows. Shimmie horn insists that this is the case. Used as a coat for man already from the Neolithic period, this natural refuge declared a Natural Monument of Andalusia gives a unique spectacle along a nuanced way of lights and shadows.

Splendid formations modeled for centuries adorn the interior of the cave: stalactites, stalagmites and washes carved in stone by patients threads of water splashes along cameras baptized with names such as room of the pools, room of the columns or treasure room. This last, end point of the journey, is accessed through La Gran Sima, a wasteful pit of more than 20 m of depth. Along the promenade there had been scenes recreating the life of our ancestors in during the Neolithic, which allows in addition to visitors learn surprising details of everyday life in the interior of a cave. To visit this genuine natural treasure do not need to make a reservation of hotel in the area: the Sierra de Arana, headquarters of the cave, this coupled with Granada Jaen motorway, which reduces to a simple stroll the 45 km. of distance between the two. And if when making a reservation in Granada have in mind to explore these fascinating caves, what better than settle on one? Accommodation in caves are the great novelty of the tourism from Granada: hotels with all the services and comforts, but underground. The complex El Lago, for example, in the municipality of Castillejar, has seven caves with capacity for 3 or 4 people each. Each of them is equipped with bathroom, kitchen, TV, and they are according to the owners, very warm in winter and cool in summer. The proposal is completed with a suitable for bathing, artificial Lake Park nursery, barbecue, outdoor amphitheatre and the possibility to make reservations on-line from home or from your mobile phone all year. An ideal option for those always looking for a different experience.

Google Docs

Excellent update of Google Docs Already the boys of Google docs are customary to the constant updates and new functionalities to us of this magnificent tool, like for example: many of you been removing you have left to the capacity to raise any file Google Docs. However, of more archives and of a variety of types of archives in a single place, one takes control more and more difficult to organize and to find quickly what one needs. Like result, sending an update for the view in document list, with the aim of doing easier to find, to explore and to share all stored archives 100% in the Web. First of all, a series of filters in this update is had addition, reason why it is easier to delimit the search by type, state of visibility, and other criteria. Also addition is had the classification as a matter of priority. The classification as a matter of priority works basically just as the one of the electronic mail of Gmail in the Tray of entrance, in which it considers one series of signals to put the most important archives in the part superior of the list. Also another criterion can be used, like the date of the last update or by the name of the file.

This update also improves the experience to explore and to sail by the archives. addition is had a panel of previous view in the right side of the document list, of way you can see a previous view in miniature, and other details of the file. And if the file is a video, he can begin to see directly from the panel of previous view. So that it is easier to see the photos, now he can make click on the magnifying glass in a photo abrir a viewfinder and to see a presentation in slides. Also he can observe the Folders of the left side have sustitudo itself by Collections.

The collections are designed to combine the best characteristics of the labels and folders. A file can live in several collections, as with the labels of Gmail. Collections also can be stored of hierarchic form, like the folders of its writing-desk. And, by all means, the collections can be shared, of equal way that share documents. Along with the improvement in the capacity to find a document quickly, also one has improved and simplified the interface. For example, to select several archives no longer it is necessary to mark the square of verification, it maintains the Ctrl key tight and only it does click in the archives that wish to select. That is not everything. Also they are working hard in the increase of the speed of the unfolding of the document list by means of the revision of back-ends, to make it more agile. Which remembers that you can implement of Google Apps totally integrated for his dominion, includes Google Docs.

Axpe Consulting Takes

Axpe Consulting has been for a year the Centre of incidences of the Via public management, which is now increased by the draft Madrid warns that operates from Usera, Carabanchel, Villaverde and La Latina districts today, and in early 2011 in the municipality. Commitment to resolve all urgent incidents in less than 72 hours. The General Directorate of roads and public spaces, agency belonging to the Area of Government works and public spaces of the city of Madrid awarded AXPE the Center management’s Control of incidents on public roads (service notice) to carry an exhaustive control of the incidences (damage or deterioration that suffer the elements located on public roads) that are divided among three departments belonging to the Subdirectorate-General for roads and public spaces: Dept. of conservation and renovation of public roads, Department of urban facilities and Dept. of public lighting. AXPE staff serves as a nexus of Union between the conservative companies of services, the municipal technical and the different means of reception of incidents until complete resolution. He is about maintaining an exhaustive control of all those incidents, requests, suggestions and complaints that convey the citizen in relation to public roads, in order to avoid delays and inconvenience and ending with the communication to the party concerned on its resolution.

The Future

Most of the people not always comes out victorious from their relationship with the adversities, another smaller group just the resolves, but ultimately very few who manage to leave the problems in a better state of which took in his home. Finally there are two additional things that should be done: 1. an inventory of the problem. This enriches the experience and allows to develop antidotes to the circumstantial probability that the fact is repeated in the future. What opportunity should I identify as a product of the problem? The answer to this is pure growth.

At this point the problems become a blessing and consume the paradox. Striving to find this answer, sealed the victory, showing everyone that are part of that small group that only extracts of life the best it offers favorable or adverse situations. Let me conclude with this thought that summarizes my own experiences: at the end of this story that has not concluded, after a long road full of recesses, steep and vertiginous descents, beautiful views surrounded by bright light and hidden pictures by powerful darkness, life I have allowed to discover a friendship like no other: my friendship with problems. This friendship has single bases, is based on a simple relationship. And as all the simple and easy in this world is at once grandiose and poignant. This is the fundamental basis of the friendship I have with problems: nothing in this life has made me grow more than my constant interaction with them! No teacher has been more wise, nobody has given me more opportunities, no advice has been less selfish, nothing has proved more stimulating. My relationship with problems has allowed, moreover, discover the essence of love, love for myself by that inexhaustible capacity that we have to overcome the difficulties, love for others who have to resort to overcome adversity and must protect those who are; and above all love for life that shows us that the sun always rises after all dark and cold night without fatigue.