And when you start to become a mother?, And when you turn on the Cauldron Maternity Perhaps, when the Doctor, smiling, gets up, close your hands, hugs you and says ALord you going to be Mother! … Further details can be found at BerlinRosen, an internet resource. ASi Mother to have a son, doctor? – babble-and the doctor without hesitation and more repeats will still smiling like that! … he’ll be Mom, you have a Son!, then tens, hundreds, thousands of units that hormone called HCG begins to circulate in your blood, ionic messages come and go throughout your body and the immense solitude of your soul Quiet Fabric doctor smiles and happy But then what? a -back to babble-and Dr. more solemn than before, ignores your repeated confusion and again I interested buts, slips or circumstances, note that you will only mother!, and just understand that there is no going back, “God is mine, One Son, My Son, My Son! – he cried, Maternity Doctor I have nausea, vomiting do?, doctor I can not eat I’m losing weight, I have pain doctor, doctor I’ve bled, this doctor, doctor the other but most of the advice, rather than prescriptions and medicines are the movements of your baby, your enlarged abdomen! you look in the mirror and think what you see, you stand on the scales and do not believe it, wake your doctor early, Doctor, Doctor, my abdomen is hard, not moving, doctor do?!, doctor I’ve bled , I can not sleep doctor, this doctor, doctor the other, few medical appointments, many calls, how many anxieties, how much tension, few laughs, dreams and plans, is behind the abdomen that grows and grows, repent one days, you end up screaming in a delivery room in a maternity Doctor Please help me!, year stand this pain!.