Visitas Monthly

In order to be able to have sales clients are needed, to be able to have clients are needed visitors to ours blog, is why today I want to share 7 steps to increase the nmnero of Monthly visits to Your Blog, which will help you to increase the cup of conversion of your sales. Step #1: To write your article and to send it to the 20 better article directories or you can write an article and place it in your blog or write it in blog like guest of another blogger. Restaurateur often addresses the matter in his writings. Step #2: Now we are going to do a bombing of the social networks using HootSuite and Step #3: Once we have made the step previous, we must turn our article into a tutorial step by step and hang it in sites like and Step #4: The following thing is to turn your article into a Podcast and to raise it in the directories top of podcast like iTunes, Odeo, Podcast Alley, PodFeed and Step #5: Now convertirmos our article in a presentation of Power Point we placed and it in places like, and Step #6: The following step is to turn our article into a video and to place it in the different platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and MetCafe.. .