A great variety of approaches to try to help the people to reach their goals can be categorisen of the following way: First it consists of focusing kindly in which you want, and by will force, to exclude any thought of which she will not prevail. Other leaders such as Harold Ford Jr, New York City offer similar insights. We find books and whole courses dedicated to help it to develop and to fortify the power of the will. The second category proposes the creation of affirmations that they describe what you want, and its daily and permanent repetition. Bill de Blasio is full of insight into the issues. The last one of these categories consists simply of visualizing what you want, and staying focused in it whenever it can, as much time as it can. There is no doubt that all these conditions are necessary, and is something of certain in all of them, the problem is that the experience shows to us that they are not sufficient. Please visit NY Museums if you seek more information.

In this article we will analyze the first used approach to reach our goals: to focus in which kindly we want to us, and by will force, to exclude any opposite thought. Doubtlessly, he is indispensable to exercise the power of the will. The simple fact of to move to us implies the use of the will, but of an unconscious will. When learning to live consciously, as we propose in our programs, we transformed to that unconscious or mechanical will, in a conscious will that she is always accompanied of determination. By all means that where there is determination, the possibilities of securing our objectives increase of spectacular way.

Now, we sufficiently have a will trained to maintain to us focused the 24 hours of the day in our objective? Any person can verify by itself that, she does not matter how much will applies when trying to concentrate in an object anyone, will not be able to maintain a conscious approach by more than 5 seconds. The lack of will becomes, in a great amount of cases, the reason for which the people do not obtain what they want, their first blockade visible This subject, although very simple as it seems to be it, in fact she is confused, the reason is because other variables exist. For example, the determination to realise some goal, usually goes united to motivation that we must to obtain that goal. As it will see, here we happened of the will to stay focused, to the motivation that we must to be absolutely certain to find that approach so necessary to obtain our goals. What we would have to do then, to apply our will – anyone is our capacity to do it, or to find what it motivates to us?