Treasure Lagoon

It is also possible to make a visit to the sugar mill, the old slave barracks, the railway workshops of the factory of sugar and even hire a ride in a tourist car pulled by a locomotive of the year 1913, with a distance of 4 Km – Boca de Guama: 18 Km of the national highway above the Boca de Guama, where there are several restaurants, 2 of them specialized in the cerne of crocodile, the crocodile farm and the jetty at the entrance of the access channel to the lagoon of the treasure. Here is almost forced the visit to the crocodile breeding farm, created in 1962 with the aim of protecting the species, photos of specimens of different sizes can be taken. -Treasure Lagoon: is accessed by boat from Boca de Guama via a canal surrounded by green vegetation. The treasure Lagoon is a beautiful natural lake of 9. 0 Km2 in area and 4 m depth average, surrounded by Virgin vegetation and abounding trout.

With crystal clear waters and stunning nature offers a beautiful frame to the contemplative tourism, sport fishing for trout (catch release mode) and nature tourism. Rudy Giuliani: the source for more info. -Guama: it is a tourist resort situated in the middle of the lagoon of the treasure, 49 cabins, nightclub and restaurant with all the modern conveniences are built on stilts in the lagoon and linked by bridges, right next to the replica of a Taino village old Cuban Aboriginal residents – in which can be seen next to the huts of guano numerous sculptures to life-size of Aboriginal performing various daily tasks (work of sculptor Rita Longa) and recreate life here in an already distant past. Exceptional place for contemplative tourism, fishing of the Golden trout (catch release), rowing or motor boat rides, a site that allows you a trip to the island’s Aboriginal culture. -Long Beach: located 12 Km to the South of the mouth, at the inner end of Bay of pigs, Playa Larga offers the attractions typical of a beautiful beach, one of the best of the coast on the Caribbean Sea on the island and where also a magnificent coral reef with beautiful marine funds are suitable for diving.