Torres Rosa

Our participation in the Games Flores 2009 UGEL at No. 15 – Huarochiri was excellent participation of our students demosatraron they “were born to succeed, today tomorrow and forever.” So who deservedly won qualification for the next Regional Stage Lima – Provinces, the event will be held on 15 October this year, in the Province of Yauyos. Sort by Category Category “A” Area Traditional Dance: Herranz Huarochiranos Category “B” Traditional Singing Area: Rosa Luz CARDENAS AQUINO Category “C” Declamation Area Ivonne Quintana Tejeda. Congratulations to these students and their parents for support incondicinal. likewise for Teachers Rosa Chuquillanqui (traditional dance consultant), Professor: Maria Cuellar (traditional dance), Ms. Pamela Torres (advisor to the category “B”) and Ms. Rosa Pascual (advisor to the category “C” ), and not to mention Jose Luis Sandoval, who was present from early hours with his kids in the band of musicians who accompanied incidentally, danced with traditional dance. How not to our General Delegate: Mr. Edwin Sanchez Espiritu. You can see our winning brand: Give a click on the link below. v 5FmebCRwJjU