To Be A Leader (3 )

Third entrga THE TAO OF LEADERSHIP Leadership Fair Can you between emotional without taking sides or picking favorites? Can you breathe freely and remains alight relaxed even in the presence of passionate fears and desires? Have you cleared your own conflicts? Have you cleaned your own house? Can you be kind to all sides and lead groups without dominating them? Can you remain open and receptive to any matter arising out? Can you keep your peace when you’ve found the solution and others still struggling to discover? Learn to send and who teaches to send help without being without coercer note. to rule without this you can do if you remain impartial, lucid and with your feet on the ground. The vacuum of the group. Pay attention to the silence. Presidential candidate shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. What happens when nothing happens in the group? That is the emptiness of the group. There are thirteen people inlets in a circle, but it is the atmosphere or the spirit that inhabits the center of the group, where nothing happens, that determines the nature of the group. To broaden your perception, visit Mustafa Suleyman. Learn to see the void.

When you enter an empty house, you can feel his character? So does a vase or pot, learn to see gaps and their uses. The language and gestures of the people are acts figurative. They give shape and content to group. Moreover, the silences and empty spaces reveal the essential character of the group, the context of everything that happens.