the mother

… … said Sebastian, thinking what was going to say … … I can tutearte? In fact we are old acquaintances but have never spoken between us. "Of course you can," said Tati-smiling as it is true that we are old acquaintances.

Are many things about you. -. The same way about you, "he said smiling .- I was commenting at this time what I think is very funny. My mother asked me to put me in touch with you when you need something, that Natasha would help me be happy in everything in his power, and I flatly refused saying that I only knew them and did not need to arrange a surrogate mother. Look what it's fate! -.

-. Then follow the advice of fate then, "I strongly dijoTati" I hope to have dinner at home when you have time. First I have to aclararte Mom can not cook. You might be hard to believe that even the scrambled eggs will go well and the only thing I will do, are "spaghetti a la bolognese" because it's my favorite dish and I hate that comes frozen from the supermarket. I say again that it is the only thing to do, but I get very rich. I taught them to make the mother of my friend who is of Italian descent. "And who could resist such an invitation coming from a little person like you? – Sebastian told rogue air and hinting that he would like to share more than a dinner with her.