But beyond identifying guilty, the important thing is to learn of our errors and to change the course of our actions, to achieve the success in our businesses. An example of situations that we could change, constitutes the difference between receiving a boring one and loaded mail with a proposal of businesses of of gaining to lose, where gains intelligent and loses the tontito to a friendly mail with a proposal that demonstrates clearly an invitation to realise businesses in order of gaining to gain, where two people win intelligent. These last ones will be always more welcomes than, those in which we presented/displayed our businesses of little friendly way, trying to force to our prospectuses to buy to us. Happyly, the technology at present allows us to send post office in which we emphasize some color that eliminates that air of as much seriousness in our business, we can incorporate photos, images, stories, examples and experiences. To provide to our list (prospectuses) of a bulletin with pleasant promotional material and in a friendly tone, will create in them positive a psychic state and the good humor to follow in contact with us. The sent promotional material in our post office must highly be pleasant in view, attractive not only as far as its form, but also as far as its content. That disagreeable when somebody promises to give us something to us unique, hot products (or as products is said in English hot), or, as they say to others pure gold and we discovered perhaps that for or several months or years we have been owning that product. Nevertheless, if that same one you would present/display it to product with expressions like: in case not yet you are enjoying this product, or you have if it already, you are enjoying I hope it, but you have not yet it, I present/display this excellent product to you.