Dieter Hallervorden

The ice show “Tropicana” takes you on a journey through America a different airtime, another send name but still with many interesting guests of talk and interview partners on air: the moderators of Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz. The current radio show will be Christian stark (singer with passion) and Frank Schobel (singer with cult status) to guest. In addition, Word will be stars and starlets, the before the gala premiere of the holiday on ice show “Tropicana” in Berlin on the red carpet presented. Holiday on ice: it was a glamorous gala premiere, which took place in the Berlin Tempodrom early March. Thunderous applause accompanied the new successful holiday on ice show “Tropicana”, which arrived in the capital as well. Until the end of March, the show will be to see which will close on the 27.03.2011 in Kiel.

“Tropicana, the ice show with the best hits of Barry Manilow, takes you on a journey through America, from the bustling streets of New York and at the Caribbean beaches. The special design of the stage- an oversized LED wall from 25,000 lights – let the world-class figure skater in over 350 costumes opulent shine.” ( too many familiar faces from politics, show business and sports came to the Tropicana-premiere: among other actors, cabaret artist and theatre director Dieter Hallervorden, actress Barbara Schone, RTL-American Idol participant Fady Maalouf, actor Gunther Kaufmann with son Dave Kaufmann and Thomas Rupprath, one of the most successful German swimmers. Mambo King Lou Bega was on the skids and musically enthusiastic about 2,500 spectators. Frank Schobel: he took his fame from the GDR in the whole Germany and is continuously successful for more than forty years and the generational. His DEFA films “Hot summer nights”, “Don’t cheat, favorite!” and his song “Gold in your eyes”, “like a star”, “come on, we paint a Sun” and “I’m going go from the North Pole to the South Pole” have achieved cult status. Christine Stark: “she wants with her voice and” bring their temperament”new accents and melodies in the Schlager scene so she announced it in the original tone.

She won a pop casting in January 2010 and promptly got a management contract. The singles “I am strong” and “High-flyers” appeared subsequently.

EastWest: Improved Shop For Planters And Flower Pots

More overview and photos to the large zoom of the planters more photos to the large zoom and cleaner chapter that is of EastWest’s new Web shop. The presentation of the planter has become even more customer-friendly”says the owner of Stephan Hack. The new Schick has numerous advantages: with a mouse click, the images of the Flowerpot from normal to a huge size can be zoom. The details of about the surface and the material become more visible. The premium quality is stressed as”explains Stephan Hack.

More details and high-quality recordings in beautiful scenery customers gain additional benefits. All was real, not only recording is digital has been edited with Photoshop. Frequently Danny Meyer has said that publicly. Only with nature shots one can imagine, look like the planters in daylight”, as the owner. Also, the descriptions of the buckets have become clearer. The texts are concise and briefly formulated and made for customers who have little time to read the Web page.

The Texts are subdivided several times, each section is soundly structured with headings. And not only that just in time for autumn EastWest presents new models: so beautiful flower pots with handmade floral prints complement the programme. Challenging work also the planting troughs and flower pots with a marble surface they are very elaborately made. The Roman Mediterranean style is very much in demand”, says Stephan Hack. The advantage of real marble is: the flower pots made of fibreglass weigh only a fraction and it is possible to drill sequences. EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and flower pots. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality planters, which make the hearts of our customers. Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our customers is: the pots are hand-picked and available at the best price. Many models can be found exclusively at EastWest trading. Since 2005, EastWest trading has focused on the distribution of flower pots and planters, and planting troughs. Are shipped throughout Europe, many customers visit but also the stock sale in Ludwigsburg, Germany.