Dmitri Klimov

At this time there was a first form of compulsory insurance – compulsory mutual insurance zemstvo. It was a very progressive step of the state, as the fire became virtually a national disaster. In accordance with the law, every resident rural areas, regardless of their income was required to insure in accordance with established rates… Read more Dmitri Klimov

Recording Emotions

Diary can help you quickly recover a situation where you were before, recall and re-examine her. And also can systematically respond to the question of what happens in the market and what the trend is your capital. Attach too much importance to what others have to say Mass information, including ropes TV, covering the stock… Read more Recording Emotions

Real Estate

More than a hundred years, investors have called the real estate abroad – "bond with indexation and without defaults," referring to the stability of rental income, the rising cost and the fact that the physical existence of the object – in any case he was "on hands ", not that that debt. As in any… Read more Real Estate

The Family

Those who have a lot of money, you need to save them, the need for families with low incomes – to borrow money for larger purchases than current consumption. Large capital entails great care of him, and taking care of capital – business professionals. Thus, income is an important criterion of segmentation as a factor… Read more The Family