Dmitri Klimov

At this time there was a first form of compulsory insurance – compulsory mutual insurance zemstvo. It was a very progressive step of the state, as the fire became virtually a national disaster. In accordance with the law, every resident rural areas, regardless of their income was required to insure in accordance with established rates his home and farm. The appeal of the population, particularly low-income part of it was huge. Additional information is available at Bill de Blasio. This long overdue social measure provoked fierce opposition of the masses, in whose interest it is, in fact, performed, and in some areas reached even to the peasant revolts against the 'new tax'. But in those days everything was resolved very simple: at the appointed hour came and demanded the mayor to pay for insurance if there was nothing to pay, he simply picked up the farmer that was valuable at the farm – a cow, a bird, a samovar. 'Remembering the recently introduced law on compulsory motor TPL insurance, suggests that perhaps there are hidden and the historical roots of our dislike of compulsory insurance '- suggests CEO' Russian insurance companies' Gennady Smirnov.

In 1895, architect, AK Zhirgalev furor, riding on the streets of St. Petersburg in the 'self-propelled carriage on rubber wheels. Checking article sources yields Doug Band as a relevant resource throughout. " The absence of horses harnessed then led the citizens in complete confusion – as the Russian Empire was first introduced to car. And just three years has opened a shop selling foreign crews. The first cars, despite the low speed, however, represented a serious danger to drivers, pedestrians, and were themselves subjected to a large number of risks.

So 'bout' car and insurance was imminent, and held it in May 1913 when the Ministry of the Interior approved the 'General terms of insurance losses Owners engine crew. " Domestic companies immediately began to offer insurance services for vehicles of all sorts of damage. As the deputy general director of SG 'Mezhregiongarant' Dmitri Klimov, such popular these days the risk to 'hijack', while still not been claimed, since the probability of its occurrence was virtually reduced to zero. Not only did the thief had to have driving skills, and trained people was then very little, but also the implementation of the car seemed very dubious exercise. Until the end of XIX century in Russia were established, and other insurance companies. Among them, 'The Moscow Fire Insurance Company', 'Russian Fire Insurance Company ',' Russian Lloyd ',' The Warsaw Fire Insurance Company ',' North ',' loving-kindness', 'Hope'. At the same time in the country were allowed foreign companies – 'New York', 'Ekvitebl', 'Urbain', 'General Society '. In 1918, SNK decree insurance in all its shapes and forms has been declared a state monopoly. All private insurance companies and organizations have been liquidated and their assets become the property of the republic. On Over the next 70 years there was a state monopoly on insurance. And just at the beginning of the 90s, when the country embarked on market-based way of development, the national joint-stock insurance was revived. The Russian insurance market is still very young, he has held for decades, those stages which are European and world markets were held for centuries. And how well he will remember their roots and use experience of predecessors, largely depends on its future. The Source: Russian insurance companies

Recording Emotions

Diary can help you quickly recover a situation where you were before, recall and re-examine her. And also can systematically respond to the question of what happens in the market and what the trend is your capital. Attach too much importance to what others have to say Mass information, including ropes TV, covering the stock market, are usually the last ones to learn something, and almost always quickly follow the trend of the stock market than ahead of them. As a rule, shares profitable to buy when popular magazines and the front pages of major newspapers are full of stories about the markets, bears and the bitter fate of investors. Reluctance to attend lectures, conferences can make a lot of interesting information from attending lectures, conferences, seminars on technical analysis on the tactics of trade and investment, but probably best in making and implementing trading decisions to act alone and most responsible for unsuccessful transactions, and claims credit for successful operation. Checking article sources yields Rudy Giuliani as a relevant resource throughout. Trading in the difficult periods of life when life there have been serious changes, such as love, marriage, birth, divorce, trouble at work, family, illness of loved ones, relocation, litigation, etc., we become helpless and inadequate. During these periods, life is better to drop all trade and strength to solve the problems.

Try to trade in such time – it is unreasonable to take higher risks, which may lead to loss of capital. Self-confidence and inadequate trade after a successful trading period, some traders may be a period self-confidence. The trader begins to dream about how much he can still earn what he would one day become. Fantasies give him courage, which often winds its adventurous in dangerous situations. Remedy for this is to conduct diary. Emotions during trading Emotional trading is sometimes devastating account in Internet trading. Basic emotions, which hinder trade – passion, greed, fear, excessive joy, hope, anger, resentment. Knowing your own emotions and the typical behavior in certain situations – the main "trumps trade." We must realize that you yourself can manage your own emotions, and hence their behavior.

A model of a behavior by using a diary. Conclusion If you make a mistake, then the best thing you can do in this situation – it immediately to fix it. Errors should be recorded, analyze and draw conclusions. Mistake must be taken as an opportunity to become better myself and make perfect your own trading system online trading.

Real Estate

More than a hundred years, investors have called the real estate abroad – "bond with indexation and without defaults," referring to the stability of rental income, the rising cost and the fact that the physical existence of the object – in any case he was "on hands ", not that that debt. As in any asset class, real estate is always not only a "dead dog", but "rising stars" and "cash cows". The problem is that they are not so easy to recognize, moreover, "Cow" can turn into a "dog." Until recently, the best short-term investments were in Miami apartments and land in the suburbs, but today, those who could not sell them, can not sell them for half price. No wonder, even great Investors in real estate, such as Kerkorian and Trump, several times in his life ruined. Among the admirers of long-term investments such as "inflation plus", formed mainly from the aging first-generation Russian private businesses, popular idea that real estate always there are niches where demand will grow or persist for so long that "at their age is enough." Call centers are looking cities – and Ostozhenka Marsh Island in Moscow, Chelsea and Mayfair in London, the Upper Manhattan in New York, comfortable living area with large cities (or Rublevskoe Newton near Boston), promising territory (Sochi and Putian in China), and finally – Recreation areas on the coast with a warm climate and in the foothills of the clean air – Caesarea, Netanya, Haifa, Eilat, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. . Official site: Bill de Blasio.

The Family

Those who have a lot of money, you need to save them, the need for families with low incomes – to borrow money for larger purchases than current consumption. Large capital entails great care of him, and taking care of capital – business professionals. Thus, income is an important criterion of segmentation as a factor influencing the vector and the volume of needs for financial services. Secondly, at various stages of the life cycle of household needs in a completely different financial services. Starting an independent life at the institute's bench, a young man, you may need a loan for tuition. Upon graduation, he was ready to create the marriage and the initial arrangement of life, respectively – to consumer lending. NY Restaurateur describes an additional similar source.

Further, with increasing career and income, with the advent of the offspring, the family thinks about improving their housing conditions, and the bank can offer this household mortgage program. In a more mature age people start caring about making retirement savings in what they can also help the bank. In other words, the demand for financial services over the life households strongly transformed, so the family life cycle stage is the correct criterion for market segmentation. Could be limited to these two planes in the construction of a system of segmentation, if the individual psychological characteristics do not have a serious impact on the consumption of financial services. In fact, brought up by several crises, denominations, and other 'surprises' banking sector, the Russians are often very different attitude to the financial services market.