South Reserve

Thousand free nights in San Blas to the South of the island, between ravines, born San Blas, the ultimate treasure of Tenerife. Tenerife remains a secret to know, a different proposal that has emerged in a natural area located in San Miguel, a small coastal town in the South of Tenerife. It is San Blas reservation environmental, which includes facilities and services of a resort to relax, play sport, enjoy Sun and beach, as well as all a fun and cultural offer different within a natural space. Define San Blas in a few lines is impossible, since it is a project that is characterized by much more than a hotel. The reserve is a place located in a nearly original condition to as early humans who lived more than 2,000 years ago knew him. San Blas is an eco-tourist proposal which, in addition to meet the expectations of the current tourism recovers natural spaces to make them known. Visitors can relax, sunbathe, have fun in a magnificent 5-star hotel, with 331 rooms inspired by the shapes, colors and textures of the Natural Reserve, which also includes a Museum and an interpretive centre. But the best kept secret is that allows to enjoy its spectacular reserve, natural heritage and culture of Tenerife, transmitting the traveler two fundamental values: respect for the environment and knowledge of the culture of the place.

San Blas is not defined with words, you will have to see what to feel and live the best vacation of your life. San Blas environmental reserve wants each of the travelers discover the ultimate secret of Tenerife, why give away 1000 free nights to make them enjoy you, your family, friends, if you come now to San Blas receive a voucher for another free stay of equal duration and accommodation if you then bring your family or friends. In turn, they will also receive a bonus free if they then bring your friends, and they to theirs, and so until they run out 1000 free nights. Reservations may only be made through the phone 922 74 90 10. With this initiative, the new resort of San Blas environmental reserve aims to promote this innovative project that includes a superb environmental reserve and a 5-star Eco-Resort, and which are themselves visitors those who recommend their acquaintances San Blas environmental reserve.