Separation Life

A story of separation or divorce often prove devastating for the children of a couple, especially when they are young. From the same feat a period of uncertainty and doubt that in many cases the parents might not have too clear how to react, or what might be the best approach to follow. It may sound topical, but what is essential during this whole process is to transmit to children who have not had any guilt or responsibility in the breakup of their parents. In any case, they should know that both are still by his side and his love towards them will not change despite the same. In a situation like this, parents have to consider that it will take some time to his sons accept these new conditions that his life will be held. And in any case would be made to ensure that changes to these were the least possible, and should for example avoid as far as possible that they had to change school or even city. The different reaction of the children before the news not all children they react similarly to a news of these features. While some are immersed in a sea of doubts, others could try to act as if nothing had happened, denying themselves the new circumstances that will run your life; and there may even be cases of rebellion, with some specific manifestations of aggressiveness.

However, the most common reaction among children often pass through a stage of considerable sadness and dejection, which makes that they become shy and withdrawn face to others. It’s a perfectly normal thing. In any case, the parents through their actions can minimize all these manifestations in children. It is, in short, minimize impact for these, so that they can perceive how even though papa and mama already they are not together, your life does not have to be too different from how it came to be. To do so, which both can develop a trust and cooperation will be vital. In this sense, if the break is He had been on friendly terms, the former couple could meditate choose by common agreement a joint custody arrangement. This would allow them an identical involvement in the life of the common children, which could give them the feeling that even though they are not together, both dad and MOM are always available for them. On the other hand, if small does not succeed in overcoming the consequences of the separation or divorce, parents should consider seriously the possibility of conducting meetings of psychologist or child therapist. With their knowledge and expertise in this type of situations so frequent in practice, they might pose a great help in the face of total recovery of small.