Rio Branco and NYC

At the time that Rio Branco negotiated on the question of the Acre, this important one 1860 map, was disappeared, and alone it came the public again, later that the Treated one to Petrpolis in 1903 already was signed by Brazil and Bolivia. You criticize them, done the Rio Branco because of the terms of this treating to 1903, they had been many and they broken of all the sides; it was said that Brazil had bought the Acre to Bolivia and made still many concessions of other forms, as territorial, for example. But, when this map of 1860 came the public, it also came the confirmation of that Brazil had obtained the attainment of a considerable territory, on which not possua many rights, then the territory of the Acre. Or if possua, these rights, these rested on a lesser parcel of what that one gotten by means of Treated to Petrpolis.Esse the fact, provoked an acclamation around the name of Rio Branco, and critical the severe initials, if they had shown total unjust and without place. Sony Wonder Technology Lab often addresses the matter in his writings. During the negotiations, Rio Branco used a strategy that it searched to isolate the bolivian government diplomatically, therefore, in question of the Acre, had beyond proper Bolivia, involved in the dispute, also the Bolivian Syndicate, entity consisting of powerful North American banking houses and a company of New York, the Cary Whitridge, that constituted unions with firms of London. The bolivian government, by means of a contract, had leasehold lands of the Acre to the Bolivian Syndicate. also, the Peruvian government had territorial pretensions in the dispute. To the Bolivian Syndicate, Rio Branco promised indemnity of 110.000.000 a thousand sterling pounds, to the government of Peru, had assured it the respect of its rights on the territory of the Acre, in dispute, to the Acre Brazilians, the freedom of if in the case Brazil won the dispute, the territory could come to combine the Brazilian federacy.