Rescue Remedy – Bach Flower Emergency Mix

Ute Rosenberg Knau, Trainering the Dr Edward Bach Foundation, about the effect of rescue remedy original ‘Emergency’ blends: Dr Bach’s ’emergency’ combination ‘Rescue Remedy’ and combination mixtures and their hazards ‘Emergency’ blends: Dr Bach’s ’emergency’ combination of five original Bach flower remedies ‘Rescue Remedy’ emergency / stress and crisis situations * Dr Bach’s ’emergency’ combination ‘Rescue Remedy’ consists of the five original Bach Flower: Star of Bethlehem for the processing of the shock / the traumas Clematis – for the ‘Grip’ / ‘Reality anchor’ (fatigue / dizziness) rock rose – for the ‘terror ‘feelings / panic / horror Impatiens – for the ‘agitation’ / excitement / irritability cherry plum – for hysteria, the ‘loss of control’ / ‘rational help’ effect of the revenue with the capture of Dr Bach’s ’emergency’ combination ‘Rescue Remedy’ in the original succeeds the party concerned with the Krisensituaion * quiet and between to deal. It is the horror, panic, the Counteract shock, loss of control, the dizziness and excitement. A small album serenity ‘, a ‘ rational dealing ‘ with this ‘stress ‘situation is coming. * (Please read carefully the note!) In the ’emergency’ * is it a good way on a ready-made combination to access. (see also ‘combination mixtures and their limits’!) This was also Dr Bach’s idea: to respond immediately in everyday crises and emergencies. Dr Bach’s combination is a very good tool for ‘Emergencies’ *, but of course no lump-sum solution to any crisis.

It is of course to think always of a medically necessary care in an emergency. * (see note!) If sufficient time is available, a personal ‘ Bach flower remedies treatment bottle ‘ should be mixed in General (see text). Combination mixtures and their dangers as combination mix is a mix of tincture of Bach flower bezeichntet previously selected number of Bach flower essences will. With these ready-made mixes it does not mention the individual, emotional state of a person.