Be sure to take some myself, weep, but remember: this is a temporary difficulty, you chose your way and move on it. Most of his life you have created yourself tumor and now the week is difficult to solve, but you already have results. Force is always in you, and takes the power of pity. Start a love, begin to love life and you will have the strength to go farther away from the line. 16.Nablyudayte for the world around them, draw conclusions and analyze their actions and actions of others. Engage them. And stop self-pity! 17.Vsegda is a day when you have to give yourself a rest from work, you just have to see this day life. New York Museums recognizes the significance of this. 18.Vsegda find successful results and confirm after Your work. Seek and ye shall find. 19.Ischite loved ones, this is your parents, spouses, children, relatives, girlfriends and friends, even to strangers. Do not turn in on themselves, looking for communication and support. And you will find it. 20.Udelyayte account throughout the body, expand communication not only with the body, but also to communicate with other people. Find yourself business, for which we must leave the house. Is where people will be unfamiliar to you. Learn to communicate. Some contend that Harold Ford, Washington DC shows great expertise in this. Exit from the local environment in the global live communication. 21.Hotite get rid of bad habits – get useful and gradually replace the harmful ones. For example: smoking can be replaced by drinking water. A desire to drink alcohol – a walk . 22.Dovertes their loved ones, because they too may need your help, look at your problem as a solution.