Primary School Education

Our present age is accompanied by uncertainties due to the political, historical, economic, social, etc., Which directly affect our society, be characterized by consumerism and materialism, where there are also individualistic and competitive subjects. At this stage of the century and taking into account that the school should not be like that of many years, is take on new challenges and different ideologies are implanted, which largely affect the social, economic, cultural, employment and personal differ one subject to another. It is in this context that the impact of processes of globalization in a world where routine is passed a variety of information, political and economic marginalization of entire regions, which needed restructuring of thoughts, feelings and actions, thus providing a new way of seeing the world, where changes are part of progress and challenges still below the expectations that education for all, fighting with poverty, violence, marginalization, gender differences, unemployment, among other factors, for which the school takes on a role as a socializing institution dedicated purposes. Education is a powerful tool to contribute to the improvement of man and of society. Currently in our country the national education system is the need to implement emergency measures, the General Law of Education together with the Constitution, in Article Three point that education should be secular, free and compulsory, in addition to this, the which I believe is vital is that states that "everyone has the right to education." According to the powers conferred by the Act to the Ministry of Education, prepares plans and programs of study applied in the different educational levels, I will focus in particular as regards the basic education level, specifically primary education , which has been through history right fundamental education to Mexicans who have run a school for all, equal access, that is the means by which an improvement in the lives of people and progress of society, although many parents , teachers and society itself, are worried that one hundred percent do not consider our schools able to meet these objectives, the concerns revolve around the education of children, to the appreciation and practice of values in life personal and social life. .