Northern Europe

The two main methods of construction used worldwide today are: the log houses and prefabricated houses of light framing lumber.Arriving industrialization, steel metal structure is used. By combining the materials of wood, steel and concrete or mortar. Educate yourself with thoughts from NYC Mayor. The log houses represent the oldest construction style. These were the typical House of Scandinavians, Russians and settlers from other areas of Northern Europe. Settlers who migrated to the new continent, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, built their homes with this method. There where there was wood, as in Asia also used wood and bamboo as traditional construction system.

At first the log houses were made by wood logs stacked horizontally and assembled in the corners of the building. When appeared the first lumber sawmills, builders began sawing logs on its two sides, optimise the use of raw material and to standardize the measures of material. A. Despite of sawn timber, new methods and the emergence of new building materials, the construction of the log houses has not disappeared, but that contrary, has diversified over the years. Modern builders of these homes using sophisticated numerical control machinery. Currently the log houses are differentiated according to the following classes: houses of wooden prefabricated natural trunks: the oldest, but so valued method as a stone wall.Houses of wooden prefabricated brushed trunks: includes numerous shapes and dimensions.Wood Turning trunks prefabricated houses: modern Version of the natural log houses. They can be trunks with turning straight or tapered turning.Wooden prefabricated log houses and several methods: vertical trunks, imitations of trunks and mixed methods. Light frame prefabricated houses have their origins in the 19th century.

This technique is the result of the need to build quickly new buildings, and the availability of industrialized and standardized building materials.The structure is composed of three distinct components, each with its particular function: lattice, cladding and lining. This method makes possible the construction of multiple plants, variety in the finishes and knows no limitations to the imagination of the architect when designing the building. Currently 60-80% of all homes being built in countries such as Finland, Sweden, Austria and United States. Also in Australia, they are made of wood, and the vast majority of them are buildings of light frame. More information: houses wooden, prefabricated houses, American homes original author and source of the article.