North Caucasus

Decorative landscaping in this sub is only possible under irrigation. Subzone Volga- – it is like an oasis of semi-desert environment. The climate here is also extremely continental and dry. Despite the abundance of flood water, trees without irrigation is low decorative, trees often suhovershinyat and prematurely fail. In the subzone is floodplain of the two districts – Sredneahtubinskogo and Lenin. For the floodplain is characterized by a warm spring, hot, dry summers, harsh winters. The abundance of summer heat of the Volga- richer in many areas of the North Caucasus, close to conditions of the Crimea.

The fourth zone – beyond the Volga, areas: Staropoltavsky, Nicholas, , Bykovsky and steppe part of Lenin and the Middle Achtubinskiy area. The climate is the fourth band has more continental than in the third area, dry, with frequent strong winds. In dry years, rainfall decreases to 150-160 mm. Characteristic of the area: few days with cloud cover, the shortest (within region) frost-free period. Climatic Indicators zones and subzones of the Volgograd region (averaged over many years of data). 1.Zony, sub – north-west rainfall – 400 – 425 total active topics Tour * – 2835o average annual temperature – 5.4 on the number of frost-free days – 150 – 160 temperature minimum – (-37 o) temperature maximum – (+38 o) 2.Zony, sub – central as well. northwest subarea rainfall – 350 – 400 total active topics Tour * – 2955 average annual temperature of – 5.2 on the number of frost-free days – 160 – 170 temperature minimum – (-34.9 O) temperature maximum – (39.6 o) b.