Multiple Use Farm

We stand out that it had the necessity of reformularization in the planejamentos in four interventions for having in the CMU- Center of Multiple Use Farm, internal events as bingos and strolls, making with that this reformularization in offered the possibility to participate of these events making possible a bigger integration to them with the aged ones and consequently one I assist in the activities of the event. After to plan inside of the university what it would be worked with the aged ones, we were to the period of training field to carry through ours first intervention, where we present the period of training proposal. NOW IN SCENE, THE MAIN PERSONAGES In this first boarding we initially treat to stand out the subject: aged, whose you speak and actions that permeiam such individuals are evolving throughout the time having as great precursor, the Physical Education. Gain insight and clarity with New York Museums. We approach despite the aged one has been valued in some social and governmental projects. The society no matter how hard they judge them ' ' velhos' ' , it is looking for to become accustomed itself thus the new term, calling them third age. We speak here, of a prejudiced society, a dismissable society that leaves many individuals with the sensation of that it was only one instrument in the work market.

With this pautada vision, the interventions had become more easy, where the aged ones if had allowed to rescue potentialities of its corporal culture and the social values of individual and collective form. At the beginning, we perceive that the disgust for the body, the conditioning ' ' invlido' ' tax for proper the aged ones was visible. Therefore in first intervention, when presenting our initial project, we had the certainty that all aged the pertaining ones to this institution, were with a distorted vision of the Physical Education. With this, as we affirm in the daily one of field of day 27 of September of 2010, …