Metal Money

In no case do not buy very very cheap purse. He alone carries the energy poverty, and large bills have little chance to get into it. This does not mean you have to put the entire salary for its purchase and wait for money it magical way. Let it be so, what happens in people held a solid and stylish. C presence in it of offices for the little things and big bills. The material most suitable material is leather and suede.

You can buy a cloth purse, it is important that it be made of natural materials. Polyethylene and synthetic leather definitely not suitable because they do not carry any material energies. Moreover, because of its artificial, they stop the access of natural energy. It is worth noting that often the contemporary purses made with a combination of material. Top skin, and clad in polyethylene or other synthetic cloth. This purse we will not do. Color When choosing colors for your wallet, remember – it must be shades of color Earth and Metal. These include brown, black, yellow and gold variations.

Do not forget to make a purse irredeemable coin, which is simply a symbol of money. Usually it is a penny or 1rubl. Put a coin separately from all other coins, let it slowly draws wealth. Very effective work one folk remedy: you need to put in a purse, pocket a piece of horseradish root. This plant assembles the material energy very large quantities. This will concentrate the energy for a purse at the time. This tool is tested over the centuries. Many purses are present transparent inserts, which often put the photo her husband or children. This in no If you can not do! First, the pictures of ‘interrupt’ cash flows of energy, and secondly, the energy of the purse and the money itself can influence through the photos on your loved ones. Documents, photos and credit cards are best kept in a purse, and in purse should only be the money. Let nothing stop them there ‘multiply’. Initiation of a purse before placing money in a purse, it must prepare for this. Hold the purse to her mouth and breathe on it 7 times. Then turn it in his hands 7 times and then breathe on it 7 times. Hit the purse itself to the palm or knee 3 times. After that, put in a purse 04.03 coins. Best of all, if one of them gold, silver and the second, third and fourth can be arbitrary. Then put the purse in the marriage bed for 3 nights. The combined male and female forces should unite with gold, silver and purse. Having done this, his women’s perfume or scented with incense, maintaining at least a week in order to dignify by the purse. After this ritual, people put money in his pocket a purse and used it for years. So that money went to the money. If you want to have in your purse always were carried out money, you recite to yourself whenever you give money to, for example, the change in the store, the following: ‘In our purse is your money, your treasure – my treasure.