Megaphone Communications

Unlimited rate of mts 916 "- the answer to" Business 926 "by MegafonV June 2009, mts Megafon said the tariff" Business 926 "by Megaphone. For more specific information, check out NY Restaurateur. Meaning unlimited tariff is to leave the user at least the employed and services reduce the monthly fee to a minimum. Thus, Max was able to reduce the monthly fee up to 1,092 rubles per month including vat, and mts – to 1088 rubles per month including vat. For the money the user gets a Megaphone unlimited rate, but not entitled to more than 2 consecutive months exceed the limit of 2,000 minutes. For users of mts limit higher – 3000 minutes, but the rate is not unlimited, 3001, I paid extra minute. The main disadvantage of these tariffs – orientation exclusively to the Moscow audience. Leaving the Ring Road, you'll pay for connection to premium services. However, for most people, this rate is very favorable – 3000 minutes – 50 hours, 1 hour, 40 minutes per day, including weekends, or about 2 hours on weekdays.

The main advantage of tariff "MTS 916 – unbeatable quality of communication from the market leader – mts, as well as vip-service support. Technical support center provides services to key clients number 0,990. The second advantage is that the monthly fee is deducted daily in equal parts to 36 rubles. Into a megaphone as subscription fee is charged once the first number, while blocking the telephone for any negative..