Luiza Keppe

The basic aspect of the thesis of Bowlby is of that one strong causal relation exists enters the experiences of an individual with its parents and its capacity stops to establish affective bonds, and that certain common variations of this capacity, are disclosed in conjugal problems and difficulties with the children, as well as in the systems neurotics and riots of personality. According to Bowlby (1990, P.), … all human being already is born inclined to establish forts affective bonds. This capacity however, can be diminished had the external factors that hinder the baby to play this potential with the people surround who it. The capacity is innate, but it needs to be stimulated adequately so that if it materialize …. 2.3 The importance of the familiar relation for the formation of the bond Yesterday as today, the family cannot leave of being the basic structure that molds the psychic development of the child, a time who is, par excellence, the place of emotional exchange and elaboration of the emotional complexes, that if they reflect in the historical development of the societies and in the organizativos factors of the psicossocial development. Therefore, the study of the eventual ones becomes important psychological variations proceeding from the decurrent modifications in the family unit, without disdaining the space framing of the same: the environment, cultural and social. According to psychologists Ferrari and Vecina, cited for Dexterous Rosana psychologist Luiza Keppe, in the article ' ' The understanding of the parents on the aggressiveness of its filhos' ' , the familiar process and of infantile sociabilizao, that has beginning in the first phases of its development and follows throughout the life, is carried through and shared for the two or most adult ones, therefore the children need to confirm the concepts that had been transmitted, assisting them in the internalizao of what he is being taught to it. Official site: savvy restaurateur.