Louis Vuitton

Today Bag – an essential attribute of modern man. Bag a reliable companion on the road and assistant in the business, which will protect and keep secure the necessary documents. A woman's bag – it's just a cult object, the "face" the modern woman. The story begins with a bag pockets. And with men's pockets. In the 14-15 centuries in order to carry small items on the belt, men wore special bags. Over time, this mode is shifted to women. The following century, men went to his pockets, and women still remained faithful to the small sacs that have evolved over time and in an elegant bag.

In the 17th century women wore ornate bags – handbags. They are encrusted beads, decorated with embroidery or weaving. In the 18th century the handbags made of cloth, which was called "Pompadour". It was in 1790 considers the birth of the modern bag, which must be worn in the hand. During this period, starting show a variety of bags: bags for sewing, travel bags, handbags, etc.

In terms of functionality and aesthetic perception bags divided into bags for work, bags for exercise, cocktail and evening bags, bags for burial. In the Victorian era began manufacturing the bags. Emerging brands, which is slowly conquering the world market and become leaders in the manufacture of bags (Hermes and Louis Vuitton). And yet Still, handmade handbags continued valued very highly. That is what spurred the flight of design ideas and the appearance of design houses, which are produced exclusive models of bags exclusively to order. Bags were turn into a real masterpiece of art. Fashion on bags has changed and continues to change very rapidly. Today, handbags are selected not only for shoes, and everything together as a whole and individually accessories (scarf, shawl, hat, zone). But buying a bag, remember one rule: the bag must match at least one subject of your clothes. Leading designers are advised not to purchase a bag in the color coats, jackets, etc., because then the color merge and your bag goes unnoticed. By striking monochromatic dresses are ideal bag with a colorful pattern. Now more relevant than abstract patterns and complex geometry.