Laboring City

Set To inhabit Nice Lobo; villages Janana, Riod, Clara Saint, Pavo Son, Olmpica City, Hidding place of the Birds, Residential Alexandra To tax, Geniparana, Efignia Saint, Laboring Village, Garden Are Cristvo II, APACO, Campus Pablo VI of the UEMA and Horto-Forest of the IBAMA. Figure 1? Map of localization of the area of study 3,2 Description Physically the study area presents similar characteristics to the remain of the territory of the Island of the Maranho, historically presents some particularitities. DAYS (2004), in recent study on the ambient problems of the Laboring City and area of entorno, it establishes five distinct periods in the history of the constitution of the set. The understood initial phase enters the years of 1976 and 1981, corresponds to the first nestings and interest of the COHAB It to ME, Habitacional Company of the Maranho, for the area. It was verified that it belongs Mrs.

Ana Jansen and it passes to be able it of the State of the Maranho. In 1980, the indemnity to the one who holds legal titles to property was made and confided public bid for the execution of the project of construction of the set. In March of 1981, the period pointed per Days is initiated as, that if it extends up to 1986. In this phase it was processed devastao of 860 (eight hundred and sixty) hectares of land that yielded space for terraplanagem, fills with earth and construction of the habitacional enterprise ' ' the area was divided in fifteen soils each one sheltering five hundred residential units (06 types) obeying the standards of construction of the BNH' ' (IT HISSES, 1996, p.23). The joint age, a priori, destined the laborers of existing plants already and that porventura came if to install in the Industrial District, of this happens its name. In 1986, the Laboring City was delivers to the inhabitants.