Internet Connections

Therefore, regular users is easier and cheaper to go to any computer store and request to sell cable-crossover of a certain length. I am sure that it's free to manufacture in a few minutes (would have to pay only for the "twisted pair" and "Jackie"). Connecting two computers is carried out as follows: 1. The physical connection between two computers (one end of the cable connects to the network card of the first computer, the other – to the network card a second). 2. Checking the status of the network card connected computers. Alternately on each computer, go into Device Manager (see above) and find there a network card.

Double-click on her arm and translate the state of the device (the "General" tab) in the "This device is used (included), press the" ok ". 3. Set up a connection. Alternately on each of the connected computers go into the Network Connections (click Start, (Settings), Control Panel, (Network and Internet Connections) "). There, double click the mouse on the icon "Local Area Connection", click the Properties button. Open the window "Local Area Connection-Properties".

In this window on the General tab at the end of the list of "ingredients used by this connection, we find the point Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) , select it with the mouse and click the Properties button. Open the Properties window: Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) . Put a tick next to "Use the following IP-address" and fill in the fields as indicated in the table on this address – / network.html. 4. Setting workgroup and computer names. Alternately on each of the connected computers the following commands: click on the icon in My Computer, right-click and choose "Properties". In the resulting window, go to the tab "Computer Name ', click' Edit '. Fill the field "Computer Name" (eg Komp1 for the first computer and Komp2 for the second) and is a member of the working group "(the name should be the same for two computers, such as GROUP). Click "Apply." Prompted to restart your computer. Read the full article at -.