Hamburg Training

Clavister responds to positive feedback: new partner-online training as of Summer 2009 Hamburg, March 24, 2009 Clavister, Swedish manufacturer of IP-based security solutions, its resellers currently offers a highly effective and low-cost way to the optimum training of its staff: the online version of the training Clavister fundamentals. With this basic training, the training takes place on a simple and efficient way, without travel expenses and costs. Clavister from Summer 2009 online offers the training of advanced routing due to the consistently positive response of the participants in the previous offer. Training is an effective way to convey knowledge and methodological skills compact or to introduce in handling new products or versions. Preliminary on-site training are connected mostly with high costs, for example for the arrival and departure, the loss of work and the room reservation. Online training as \”training from Clavister. fundamentals are an alternative These allow a location-independent participation and can be bound temporally much more flexible and also short in everyday work.

Clavister fundamentals training training covers the basics of a Clavister security gateway configurations and enables the participants to familiarize the solution thoroughly with the functionality. After completion of the course, graduates in the location, the Clavister are more efficient and easier to install security gateway, configure and to integrate them in a typical network. In addition, they know how the various subsystems of the Clavister best to use security gateway. At our monthly Clavister fundamentals \”, also the low price convinced many customers in addition to the practical aspect. This is for the online training 290,-as compared to approximately 1500,-for a corresponding prior on-site training\”, says Marcus Henschel, country Manager of Clavister in Germany. So far eight completed dates were well attended with 35 participants from a total of 20 partners, and the feedback was positive. This has confirmed us in our projects, to expand the range of online training with the advanced routing training.\” \”Clavister advanced routing training Summer 2009 offers Clavister also advanced routing\” as online training for its reseller partners.