Espiritista Period House

The great contribution of Mesmer was to call the attention for definitive phenomena cure, before legacies to the ocultistas boardings, and to try to give a clothes &#039 to they; ' cientfica' ' .c) Espiritista Period (of 1847 1872): The Espiritismo grew as religion after a series of events that suggested an intense life after the death. The fact that detonated the great espiritista wave occurred in 1847 in the small city of Hydesville, State of New Iorque, in U.S.A. A protestant shepherd, John Fox, with the wife and two children, had changed themselves for a house of that city, whose local he was had as ' ' assombrado' '. Inexplicable strokes occurred in the walls of the house. The children of the shepherd had passed if to amuse with the phenomenon and, finally, they had established a code: certain number of strokes corresponded the definitive letter of the alphabet and, thus, successively, in a biunivocal correspondence. It was established, then, a communication with the presumption spirit. After some messages, ' ' esprito' ' it declared that he had been assassinated and embedded in the subsoil of the house. The North American government sent two expeditions of hollowing: the first nothing it found e, times later, one second found a skeleton to the side of a folder that contained personal documents of a certainty Charles Rossnan.O case of the Fox sisters detonated a series of others with similar characteristics.

In 1857, French professor Denizard Rivail wrote its celebrity ' ' Book of the Espritos' '. This book, according to Rivail, is ' ' ditado' ' for espritos. Itself exactly it attributed the name of Allan Kardec, name this eternalized by the history of the Espiritismo.Cientistas of the time were divided in relation to the cause of the phenomena. Many believed the Espiritismo and until they searched a form of Science ' ' reconhecer' ' the espiritista world.