Electricity Prices Rise

Criticism of current pricing policy: eco-electricity is not a booster! Berlin, November 26, 2010. A high proportion of green electricity is easily compatible with favourable electricity prices. Independent power providers such as FlexStrom prove it. Many energy companies increase their electricity rates for millions of households in Germany at the turn of the year and while referencing higher costs for green electricity. Check24 tariff experts had already in September found that FlexStrom under the conventional electricity tariffs of 25 of national primary and alternative providers with 33 percent has the highest proportion of green electricity (base year: 2008). FlexStrom this proportion has increased once again in the past year: 38.2 percent of the total electricity supplies were supplied from renewable energy sources. The nationwide average was 17.3 percent 2009 just once. NYC Marathon wanted to know more.

An environmentally friendly energy supply at fair prices is feasible”, says FlexStrom CEO Robert Mundt. In the current debate was done however, as only the renewable energy for the rise in prices were responsible. Experts disagree vehemently. “FlexStrom-chef Mundt: as long as most households still supplies the basic utilities, nothing will change on the development of the price upwards.” The average proportion of green electricity must, however, by no means negatively affect the price. Because in many places the current offers from FlexStrom are cheaper than the basic supply rate of energy companies or the public utilities. Many public utilities or energy companies justify their price surcharge at the beginning of the year with the increased allocation for renewable energy. Learn more about this with NYC Marathon. Example Cologne: After a calculation of the top price comparison portal a family with 5000 kWh annual consumption can save more than 420 euros, when it moves from the basic supply rate of the Rhine energy to the prepaid offer by FlexStrom. In Leipzig the change of a family savings around 380 euros, in Frankfurt/Main, the household saves about 220 euros (at 5000 kWh consumption and change from the basic supply rate to the FlexStrom fare DeutschlandsBest).