Determining the Amount of Protein in the Diet

How much protein? There is a widespread misconception about that if something is good, then it must have a lot. Wrong! And this is especially true for proteins. If the food arrives too few – the body can not function properly, a lot – and the body begins to work 'on wear ', displaying excesses. Daily diet should contain 12-15% of valuable protein. 1-1,5 or grams per kg body weight. If a person suffers substantial physical activity – sport, difficult working conditions – this figure may reach 2.5 grams 1 kg of body weight.

The body can not hoard the protein especially proteins is that, despite their critical importance, the body does not create protein 'depot'. Therefore, protein starvation extremely dangerous. To avoid this, requires frequent protein meal. If they will not – our bodies 'fill holes', taking the building blocks of the least important to the life of fabrics and patterns – for example, muscles. Protein charts food proteins differ in their values. Recall that our body needs 22 amino acids, 9 of which are irreplaceable.

Those products which contain all the essential amino acids – called the complete protein complex. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products – this is the most complete sets of proteins. It seems what's the problem? But here's where the 'trap': often a struggle for the complete protein diet, people are forced to pay the price. Since the above products can be redundant contain harmful and dangerous fats. Animal proteins, of course, fully satisfy the body's need for complete proteins, but beyond that they also supply our bodies more than we needed fat.