David Hume

Historian, philosopher and economist David Hume, in his treatise ‘on press freedom’ asked the question: ‘Why in the UK there is a complete freedom of the press? “. preznaval Hume that unlimited freedom of the press is one of the two evils., accompanies Mixed forms government, but an inconvenience, of being vytikayuscheesya etoy freedom is not numerous so that it should be given to people at almost any pravlenii.Yum expressed confidence about the security of press freedom for all gosudarstva.On authorities reassured by the fact that people are always inclined to believe the criticism of policy rather than praise. Dzh.Eraskin said: “Every person may appeal to the universal mind of the nation at the same time on the government, at all or the government of our own country in the above privacy. “The same thesis and priderzhyvalsya anglisky philosopher Dzh.Mill.On understood freedom as the right of mature individa’dumay and act at its discretion without prejudice to the other.” Mill make four statements about freedom of speech: – if we do not give an opinion, it is possible that we do not give tell the truth – any opinion may contain a grain of truth to find the whole truth – if from time to time the general opinion is not examined, it loses its life and power and influence – even if the general opinion, the truth is, society does not perceive it as a sound basis, as well as predrasudok, if only she did not have to defend it. B. Weitling said that: “Freedom of speech for all means of achieving social equality for all, through revolutionary changes.”.