Curriculum Vitae Interviewers

The selection is not always done in an organized manner. Sometimes, the demand for a worker occurs because there is a crisis in the company, is due to low or feeling overworked, because it has launched a new activity and it has not been calculated as mean, and so on. In general, work will continue to define the skills that the employer required immediately. You are the most important person in his life, but not the employer. For this reason, you should not think that this has all the time in the world to read your CV., But worth a concise 20 page overwhelming leaves. Highlights to the employer vary depending on the job, but there are a number of points in common: * Personality: initiative, independence, rejecting the passive people.

Teamwork-individualists are not welcome. Versatility-abstain who are confined to a single trade, "which relates .Gente without difficulty have nothing to make people aggressive or problematic-* Training and skills: Studies at the level that is offered" no good if they are above or An under-CV coordinated with a letter and a good interview a "which are so important the answers are given as the image shown-up the way to get success in your endeavor. Imagine it is the employer. Your CV says a lot about yourself: your ability to organize, summarize, explain, what you consider important and what is not, if cuidadosoa Put the skin of the employer and is critical: this curriculum would look?, Would read, would file it or throw?. It is important to the paper color is white, if better, texture, font, the general layout of the text., Cleanliness In principle, this clear? Feel like reading? There are some points that might draw attention?. Titles are important paragraphs, spacing, highlighted words, white space, use of margins, capitalization, negritasa Find your own formulas. The qualities to consider at this point are that the CV. easy to read, simple in form, with language indicating a decision, strength and dynamism and, of course, it is clear that the applicant meets the requirements and has the characteristics appropriate to the post. By Ana Beatriz Labour Advisory Iannone pissed.