Copyright And Social Media

Copyright and social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube is the new zeitgeist social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Since 2004 (United States) and since 2008 (Germany) is probably the most popular social network: Facebook. Facebook has 25 million in Germany now over 1 billion users worldwide, approximately. The social networks are already long not only private, but used also by entrepreneurs. “A Unternehemensprofil about Facebook pages”, pages or fan pages “called, offers an enormous range for any entrepreneur to represent itself and its idea of business or other business interests. Since June, 2011 Google + is drawn after originally fully with invitation since September, 2011. There are already 500 million users worldwide (January 2013) and more than 4 million users in Germany.

The company profile on Google + works on Google + pages”, (plus pages”) Finally, including the intellectual property rights apply to all the social networks and Internet platforms. It is dangerous to post videos, photos and others, which one has no rights, safe, to share or otherwise to use. On careless sending photos from friends and acquaintances, the General personality right, an individual can hurt no one at all has been thinking. Be careful when using your profile or account on the Internet.