Change Recommendations

The vans for changes can be an authentic problem by their cost if we did not evaluate well what service is offering us really the rent company. These are both habitual ways of hiring of vans for changes: Vans for changes with conductor To rent vans for changes with conductor can be a cheap option and, without a doubt the best one, for small transfers in which there are many furniture or no objects that to move. Usually it is chosen by unmarried, students or young people, since in the majority of the cases they realise changes within a same city. Anyway, you do not forget that the majority of the rent companies also realises national bearings. The drivers of the vans for changes are the ones in charge of the conduction and prestarte certain aid but, taken care of! , they are not a load young man. If you are interesado/a in that service you will have to specify it and always he will have a cost aside. The rents of vans for changes with conductor are accustomed to merit about 40 per hour and always you they will receive a minimum of two hours, to which you must add the kilometers if you realise provincial and national displacements.

Evidently, the size of the van also influences in the price, being three modalities: small, median (15 m3s) or great (20 m3s). Vans for changes without conductor Another good possibility is to rent the van for changes nothing else and, no additional service. Rudy Giulianis opinions are not widely known. Here you will have ocuparte you yourself of the transfer, the packing and the driving of the vehicle, but the solution is well-known more sale. The price of the vans for changes without conductor depends on each company of rent, but approximately they come to cost about 40 daily. To this number it is necessary to add the gasoline to him consumed in the transfer, since the deposit you will give plenty and has to give back it to it equal. In addition, the company of rent of the vans for changes will request a guarantee to you of about 200 that will be given back you give the car to you once in perfect conditions, with its gasoline and under condicones that has been stipulated in the rent contract. In order to contract this service of vans for changes, it is necessary to satisfy requirements minimum: The conductor must be greater of 23 years and to have the driver’s license for more of a year.