Champion Soccer Drill

It was decided the following season. La Boca and Rosario will be in the game. Banfield Boca visited on fire with enthusiasm at the prospect of getting the first title in its history. Newell’s, two points behind the drill, received San Lorenzo Newell’s Old Boys in full. Anxiety and anguish on the verge of absolute happiness or sadness deeper.

yQue face show the coin? Banfield had the first lead of the afternoon, but minimal advantage of the end. At 17:19 Baldassi blew the start in Rosario and Abal did five minutes later at the Bombonera. The Julio Cesar Falcioni played with a minimum delay for speculation. Although it’s something. Banfield The 4,500 fans who filled the third tier of the Bombonera burst into a cry when the news arrived from Rosario most expected. San Lorenzo Newell’s playing better and gave little advantage in defense without their captain Rolando Schiavi, absent through injury.

So at 8, Bordagaray got into the area, Baldassi Insaurralde it down and did not hesitate: criminal. The Kily Gonzalez took the ball settled career and took a violent left-footed shot crossed. Sebastian Peratta sharpened your senses he threw himself on his left and prevented the goal with a slap. The festival traveled 300 miles and were now of leprosy who were embracing. But the relief was short-Newell’s, because the shifting Bordagaray Migliore dominated by a pitch from the 10. He got into the area left. Hooked and left on the road to Insaurralde. He finished on the right, to put it and the ball sailed into the left corner of a helpless Peratta.