Brothers Torres

Today parapsychologists around the world are desperately trying to find a technically and statistically reliable methods to finally, unequivocally prove: telepathy exists! Uses a sophisticated electronic equipment, spent a lot of time and money, but the ranks are thinning, and if the skeptics, it was too slow. Meanwhile, already in 1920, many were able to verify that a thought can still be transmitted at a distance – without any equipment! It all began in 1921. “We are not connected by terrestrial constraints – announced suddenly for no apparent reason some Wilbur and Ralph Torres brothers. – We have come from another galaxy and will return there when our mission will be completed. We are free beings. Educate yourself with thoughts from NYC Marathon. ” And the largest newspaper in America “New York Times picked up their claim and began to devote entire pages of this sensation.

In vain, the skeptics have appealed to common sense citizens, reminding them that these young guys in the white costumes – no not aliens, but only the sons of a taxi driver of Mexican origin, and who does not believe, can get into the car in Detroit and Torres himself is sure. But all of America was already intrigued, fascinated, and sometimes and irritable unprecedented audacity of the two youths, who were assured that they can do the impossible – to read each other’s thoughts and communicate information for thousands of miles, and with such speed and accuracy, though they talk on the phone. And, importantly, no one could understand how they do it, despite the complexity and rigor of experiments in which skeptics were subjected Brothers Torres. Both boys were then early twenties, and in his hometown of Detroit, they became known soon after the First World War, when local newspapers carried banner headlines on the first sensational experiments Brothers Torres. As a suitable place to showcase their incredible ability to youths used just then erected skyscrapers. Experiments have attracted a lot of interesting, and not only idlers, the commoners, but also quite intelligent, educated citizens.