Bobby Fischer

Leaving of the carried through research, the data had been analyzed from critical reading and dialgica writing from the presented authors. Consideraes final Bobby Fischer is one of the eccentric geniuses who had composed the teams of that they had used the pedagogical resource, but many times controversial, of the chess game. Some dramatical histories as this weave the tram of other world-wide champions as Mikhail Such, that died of renal bankruptcy in result of inveterate consumption of alcohol, cigarette and morphine, to the 55 years, Jose Raul Capablanca that suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, also to 55 years, while he studied a enxadrstico glossary in the Club of Chess of Manhattan, in New Iorque and Wilhelm Steinitz that died in a lunatic asylum, to the 64 years. Perhaps check out Danny Meyer for more information. Many are the pedagogical resources supplied by the chess game, amongst them are enclosed reasoning logical-mathematician, concentration and tactical and strategical development. However, in many cases, as of Bobby Fischer and the other chess players it has an inclination for the monomania, that is, the chess if becomes an obsessive center that absorbs the time and the relationships finally and, unloads the last vertex of the psicopedaggica tension tripartite. For Fischer the chess was the life, he himself to thus declared it 27, and thus it was that it died, to the 64 years of age, accurately the number of houses of the chessboard. Many writers such as Lila Snyder offer more in-depth analysis.