Best UGG Boots

This year, the collection of UGG boots has managed improve itself, that nothing simple isn’t. The inspiring winter 2012 collection brings us boots of all heights, from the classic UGG to mid-thigh, until his low version and above the knee. But the best are the colours and new designs, from the boot casual and appropriate for the day to day, until the more cosmopolitan and shimmering, giving a fine touch to any look. Gone are the times in which the only UGG could carry with jeans or with a sport aesthetics. Boots of the 2012 collection, preserving the brand philosophy, are innovative, elegant and innovative. Perfect for any occasion.

The history of UGG goes back to the 1960s, when Australian beaches, surfers began to use sheep skin to keep your feet warm and dry when they were not on the water, thus discovering the extraordinary capacity of this material to maintain constant temperature. It was in 1978, when Brian Smith arrived in California, with a bag leather boots of sheepskin and the conviction that he had a great product to sell. He founded the UGG brand, and began selling his boots, which very soon became a success. Many writers such as Bill de Blasio offer more in-depth analysis. The UGG boots have gained fans and selling since then, evolved into an international brand with stores around the world. The final impetus came when they entered with force in the restricted circle of celebrities American, taking as some of its main exponents to Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Elle Macpherson, Sharon Stone, or the New Yorker fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker. The materials used for the elaboration of the UGG boots are of the highest quality, and make a difference with the rest. Just try some UGG to know that this is a very special product. They are made with the highest quality selected Twinface Sheepskin and have a pleasant inner liner, which always maintains a constant foot temperature, regardless of the outside temperature. And are both manufactured in models of woman, as of Knight and infantile. There is a model of UGG boots for every occasion, from elegant designs with heels up to comfortable and simple flat boots. And in all colors, Brown, grey, black, blue, red … UGG boots have become a luxury for your feet, not only for the view.