Battlefield Series

Battlefield 3 for autumn 2011 announced the battlefield series fans can look forward to new missions and more action, because already in the autumn of this year to battlefield 3 “come on the market and the success of the current games battlefield: bad company 2” connect. The online Department store reports on the next episode. 3D shooter on the market are currently very much in demand. The games of the battlefield series are among the most successful titles in this genre. The first part of Battlefield 1942 “was released in 2002 and impressed with imposing greater battles and much tactics. The second world war, which is the game took off from other representatives of the genre, which rely on fictitious locations and simple good-against-evil scenarios served as a setting.

In Battlefield 1942 “the player had to choose on which side they wanted to fight in the war. In 2004 was”the second part of battlefield Viet Nam. The current game of battlefield bad company 2 “is located in the present day and is characterized by large vehicle battles from. The next part is not ready yet to buy, but there are already many snippets that give fans a first impression. Battlefield 3 “to set new standards in the areas of graphics and sound. Character animations, and battles and vehicle fighting should be even more realistic. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann