Bach Flower Remedies

Are you ever felt worse with the Bach flowers? Bingo! Most likely, you had a paradoxical effect. This is the aggravation that arises frequently in floral therapy and should be interpreted as a signal that have been on target with the formula indicated for your case. Is this reason to be alarmed? In any way: is to celebrate: you are walking the right path. When it is fully interpreted the emotional problem and take the floral compound right and necessary, they begin to stir slumbering intimate fibers and the body responds with renewed energy. Obviously, we should not stop treatment.

It does not mean that the immune system has been weakened. Quite the contrary: means that enforced resistance collapsed and the forces that truly defend the individual from risks of consideration revigorizaron. By uncomfortable or baffling, never to be confused these vital responses of the organism with the so-called adverse side effects or side effects of some traditional medicines. Never a paradoxical effect It will degenerate into disease and whatever may be the symptom that occurrence, all duly addressed, paradoxical effect will last at most a couple of days. See more if instead of taking it as an aggression or a threat, explores the effect paradoxical wisdom will offer further findings that will be of unique value for the person. What must be taken into account: the essences do not harm. With a paradoxical effect reported possible damage. A paradoxical effect is the expression of power and determination of the inner world to the general welfare. As the firm pressure of an inside friend who refuses to accompany him to one in its more crazy whims nor is it associated with him in his eagerness to deceive himself. Properly understood, and exploited with intelligence, a paradoxical effect offers man the great opportunity of honest with himself and deal with their real problems.