A Your Own Shop? Now The Internet Earning Money As Shop Owners!

As a shop owner, you can earn serious money on the Internet. It is the online trading in the market niche of the key to success. The online commerce continues to grow. There were 15% growth 2009 compared to the previous year. Every day countless new online shops on the NET will put, to which follow there are now about 2 million online shops, estimates from Germany alone be operated. The rapid growth on the operator side surprised not: economic crisis, job insecurity and rising cost of living are currently present as no longer in the population. Bad Reichenhall to Rugen busy citizens therefore also just the question today: How do I get more financial security for the next few years? A possibility is obvious: why not incidentally launch online trading? The last private sale of unloved Christmas gifts over the network…-own Internet auctions on eBay was also a success the beginning are 90% of all online merchants careers indeed circa. Even today.” says Holger W.

Winkler, eCommerce expert and owner of the consulting firm Own auctions on eBay & co. seen as private seller quickly, how easy it can be. But appearances are deceptive. A successful private auction has little to do with the construction of a second leg of the stand or even a full existence in online trading. Only 5% of Internet entrepreneurs really earn money on the Internet. But: Everyone here has a real chance of success.

And a private shop in the market niche for many of my clients of the key to success. “” But required are two things: the willingness, constantly learning and in the head on entrepreneurs “to turn.” “To do this, the eCommerce expert, popular among small and medium-sized online merchants has now published a book: online trading with success, band 1: step by step to the own market niche”. The title is available for 29,90 everywhere in bookstores. More information is available under your own shop with marktnische.html. Book Tip: Online trading with success, band step by step to the own market niche”crash course of specialization of small and medium-sized Web shops of Holger W. Winkler, ISBN 978-3-942121-00-2, Publisher: hww media, price: 29,90 to the author: Holger W. Winkler, Dipl.Ing.(FH) & MBA is the owner of, an independent eCommerce consultancy for small and medium-sized online retailer based in Radolfzell, Bodensee. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Holger W. Winkler Spazzostr. 6 78315 Radolfzell phone: + 49 7732 940 7410 E-Mail: Internet (information, direct reference): your own shop with marktnische.html video: online trading with success. Now burn your purse: brand new tutorial eCommerce in market niches