Nobel Peace Prize

JOSE BRECHNER an image that hardly will be erased from the collective memory, is that of the interview that Evo Morales conceded Jorge Ramos after winning elections. The new President became aggressive with the journalist, when he questioned whether consider Cuba as a democracy was not hypocritical. Morales abruptly rose from his seat as threatening, taking the question as a personal insult, and said to me nobody tells me hypocritical. Perhaps one should call it imposter, fake, Simulator, or comedian, although his parody is not very appreciated by thinking civilization. In the aforementioned interview, the cocalero behaved as it really is, no libretto, costumes or makeup. Thereafter he received histrionic training and her appearances before the foreign public were more measures, showing a moral that appears to be a kindly and humble peasant, victim of the outrages of the Western man.

Few take into account the true Morales, undertaking criminally against the Bolivian opposition to his regime, forging links with the tyrants harder to ORB. Factors that disabled him for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. Because Ahmadinejad promised $ 1 billion, that are many more than one million and a half that the Nobel Committee awarded Morales said in his last press conference, speaking of himself in the third person, emulating Caesar: for example, the question of the President of Iran. Our relations are a clear example that isn’t Evo Morales behind the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. That is one of his many lies, because since he sat down on the throne, all indigenous groupings on the continent, coupled with countless NGOs, former award-winning leftists, and foundations funded by communists and Socialists, were working tirelessly on the topic, but with the unexpected visit of the Iranian President to Bolivia, it seems that plan collapsed. With or without the prize Nobel, are just going to continue to defend the people who we need to defend internally, externally, he added the authorised representative.