Technical Service

One of the weak points of the labor market of our country is the low formative level of the workers, but also of the industralists. We have one of the indices of scholastic failure more stops of the developed world. Good part of the young people who did not culminate their studies in the years of bonanza incorporated to the market of work in positions which they demanded little qualification and, now, coiled by the crisis have been first in thickening the tails of the use offices. In the sector of the electric home appliances, some little responsible technical services, the pirate calls, were nourished, to save costs, of people little prepared who, before going to unemployment, finished discrediting to their companies and, of step, to almost all the sector. Fagor always has been conscious that a good formation is the base to offer a good service, to obtain the satisfaction of the client, to transmit prestige in its marks and, of step, to gain the confidence of users who often, perhaps too many, were learned lesson with previous experiences of services little professionals. The technical service of Fagor takes to muchosaos taking care of the constant update of the knowledge and that note in the level of services, the fidelity of its clients and the indicators of quality. To maintain a formation permanently updated requires a concerted effort, but, in so competitive surroundings, hard and changing, the preparation, the formation and its correct application to the daily work it is an exigency fundamental to be able to develop to a profession or an enterprise project with guarantees. For that reason the technical service of Fagor has started up the Project Professional Races.

This is the culmination of a great project, of an objective long worked by all the organization: to count on a group of 700 technicians perfectly formed and credited to be able to exhibit the most effective and qualified network of the market. And also, why not to say it, so that all the technicians of the organization know that in the SAT of Fagor they can develop intense a professional race, exciting and with future. Future in professional race, but also for the SAT centers. Future for an attendance network that advances in the formation to progress in the work; that service offers to his clients, that not only is fast a competitive advantage that many say to be able to offer, but is of quality and, mainly, accurate and efficient, that is to say able to solve the majority of the problems, still most serious, to first.