Best Flowering Potted Plants

Very nice, when the room is full, the different flowering plants. But for that to plant growing, you need to spend a lot of effort. The list that you see here is like a master class on how to grow flowering plants. Here you'll see plants that bloom when they begin to prepare for sale, as well as those plants that you will regularly bloom. I present to you the best blooming plants for the rooms: Uzambarskaya violet. Plus, this plant is that it takes up little space, and does not require enhanced care.

And also the fact that a variety of colors, this flower, very much. If you properly care for this plant, you can receive up to two flowers a year. This plant does not like direct sunlight, but very photophilous. Poinsettia. This plant is the most famous Christmas house plant.

Therefore all these plants are bought before the holiday. In recently, gardeners have brought new types of such plants: pink color, white color, but still remains the most popular red. Official site: dayton kingery. Compared with the red, these plants do not have a great decorative value. Orchids. It is very, and the largest group of plants that only exists on earth. It has a population of about 30,000 species, as well as about 10 000 numerous hybrids. Some of these plants, the people that they are looking to take your breath away, some have a strange impression of flower forms, and some disgust. But for frequent, lovers of indoor plants, pick only five species of this group. And with proper care, despite the capriciousness of the plants, they can give its owner a great joy and great experiences. Spathiphyllum. They are often used to support interior. This is facilitated by coiled, white flowers, which are located on large leaves. These plants love the heat, moisture and ambient light. If you stick to these, not difficult conditions, the plant can give its owner, a flower in early summer, which will delight more than two weeks. Begonia. Many say begonia that – it's outdoor plants. I say that it is not. This plant has all the characteristics that allow it to grow at home. It is tolerant, not demanding, and easy to bloom indoors. In the flow numerous species of these plants, you must choose for their conditions, the flower of this species. Cacti. You've probably seen the desert, which was a cactus with a flower. To date, the vast number of species of cacti, that may blossom into the home. Give them more sunlight, not enough water. And in early summer or spring, he will always bloom.