The Fraternity, Based

The fraternity, based on a mutual, like many other unions, was the first nationally organized union in Argentina, taking advantage of the structure of railway companies. As a result, played an important role in helping to organize trade unions in other branches around the country .
The modern Argentina was organized in the second half of the nineteenth buy stock century on the basis of an agro-export of meat and cereals. That model had five main economic activities: the rooms, railways, fridges, port and ship. Of these, the railways were stock symbol the vital activity which enabled the entire control system. Argentina railway network was largely in the hands of British companies, to form one of the world’s largest networks .
The first rail strike was held in 1888 originated from an accident that killed one person at the station stock prices Saint Martin (current Miter Ferrocarril General Bartolome). The brutal treatment given to the driver by police sparked the strike by demanding and securing their freedom.
The same stock market year, the exchange workers of the Railway workshop Sola South (not organized in PFI), demanded the payment of their wages in gold in order to avoid deterioration of the work by inflation. The reunion of the strikers at Plaza Herrera was suppressed by police with guns, injuring several workers and arresting 160 strikers. It was the first act of armed repression against the workers of Argentina. While this strike failed, others triumphed strikes similar to the stock quote following year. The companies, however, would negate the benefit, using the system of subcontracting.
In the following decades, the fraternity formed by the Railway Union, which organized the other rail workers, the Confederation of Railway, became the union branch model in Argentina, which would dominate the Argentine labor movement until the mid of 40, when beginning to be replaced stock by his lead Metalworkers Union (UOM), driven by the process of industrialization of the country.
In those years of hegemony The Brotherhood the stock market and the Union Railway, formed the heart of the Confederation of Workers Argentina (COA), the first and the General Labor Confederation (CGT), founded in 1930. When CGT was split into two in 1942, remained on the rail unions CGT N 1.