Women In The Job Place

Rosario Sepulveda If they were more white-like jackets that Angela Merkel looks in the photo-print dresses or heels on the boards of directors, who knows if we would be in this economic quagmire. Some, like columnist for The New York Times Nicholas Kristof have done this exercise in imagination and conclude that the bank Lehman Brothers would have been much better had his name added to the tagline 'and Sisters. " In the realm of reality, drawing on the top 500 Fortune companies, the nonprofit organization Catalyst, which is dedicated to promoting women's leadership, noted that the profitability of companies with three or more directives at the top is five percentage points above average. In Spain, women are majority in the university, the educational level of the first executive, according to a report of the Savings Bank Foundation (Func) even exceeds that of their male colleagues, and, according to a Accenture survey, three out of four takes on more responsibilities for promoting his career. What happens then? Why are these efforts are not rewarded in practice? In an area as "feminized" as education, the professors barely account for 18% of the total. clusion. And although their numbers are growing from year to year, the percentage of women on boards of directors of Ibex 35 companies reached a paltry 8.7%.

The presence of women in the whole Spanish Royal Academies is even lower: in 2008, only 6% of its members were academic numerary. And, as contained in the report of the Ministry of Equality, "Women in figures: 1983-2008", of the 85 people who were named honorary doctorate in 2007 only five were women. As if this were not enough, as lower wages than men.