The Target

There are thousands of them in the streets of Lima, who walk with tie, suit, if they were public officials, managers, executives, but not more than chronically unemployed, which once belonged to corporations, military institutes, police forces, but today kicking cans … Some of them have some knowledge of industrial safety, safety of people, logistics management, but have no idea what it is to form a company and launch it to market, have no idea what the commercial marketing, why not can offer their services successfully and thereby generating a job.

And if you do not have a job instead of bothering the state, blackmailing businessmen, threatening e-mail, making you go through a potential client, asking again and again reports, as if you buy the car, stereo equipment, spare parts, house, apartment, only to poke your nose and your back on a successful business, you should put your own business. Internet gives you that opportunity. At first laugh at you, thousands of scammers send messages telling you that you have millions in Africa and you want them sent to you, beautiful women’ll send you messages telling you who has viewed your profile and am impressed and if you accept that you want to start a relationship love for marriage, others will send pdfs with proposals for software that lets you achieve wonderful win in just one month if you buy $ 100.000 just 35 this day, etc. But you must not ignore these professionals lie, just work considering the target..