The Product

If someone introduce you to your potential buyer and will respond to you and your product with a good hand, then you have a great chance to make a deal. Otherwise, when behind you will say that you are dishonest seller and Your product must be in the trash, chances sales diminished. It is therefore very important to a good opinion about you and about your product. It would be nice to have a "good book reviews, and ask your buyers to leave good feedback about you and the product or service. Ask them "What has given valuable service or product to the buyer? Happy if they left? "Let's read the book to your customers with good reviews, it will save a lot of money on promotion and advertising, and you will positive rumors, often make it known, do not restrain their victories. So we gradually invaded the sphere of pr or public relations. Exercise. Tell your neighbor about some of any services that you liked and you were happy with it lately.

Interchange. The principle is – more pr, less money for advertising. When you talk about on every corner, you only need to specify the arrow where you are. listen. Encourage those who spoke well of you and your product. PODGOTOVKAKak you can prepare yourself to sell? Interesting physical principle discovered here – communicating vessels. Well, remember take two transparent tubes, one thicker and one thinner, rubber tubing connected the bottom of them? Put them together? Raising the water level in one: the rise and the other, merging liquid with one or another level of care.