That Is The Stimulation Early In The Babies

Today, we know that our baby is born with great potential and that it is in the hands of their parents take advantage of that opportunity in the process of maturation of the baby, this potential to develop the most appropriate and fun way. Early stimulation is the set of media, techniques, and activities with scientific and applied in a systematic and sequential basis. Used in children from birth to 6 years, in order to fully develop their abilities, cognitive, physical, emotional and social, avoid unwanted in the developing States and help parents with efficiency and autonomy in the care and development of the infant. The early stimulation in healthy children from any point of view is a therapy nor a formal teaching method. Children birth receive external stimuli interacting with others and their environment. When we encourage our babies you are presenting different opportunities to explore, acquire skills and abilities in a natural way, understand and Learn what happens to your around.

The early stimulation for infants and toddlers, is not simply a series of exercises, massages and caresses (without a purpose clear). It is much more than that.Early stimulation must be comprehensive both physical and intellectual, and social. It is very common to find great children physically (athletes) but with difficulty to sustain one pleasant and interesting, talk like other brilliant intellectually incapable of coordinating their basic motor functions.